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Travel-and-Leisure Cheap Middle East Flights The Middle East is popular for having the best and most exotic tourist destinations in the world. To name some of these, Beirut, also known the City of Delights, Doha, Qatar or the New Arts Capital, Marrakesh in Morocco, the Red Sea in Egypt, and the list goes on!Carriers like the Air Arabia, Atlas Blue, Nas Air, Menajet and Jazeera Airways offer budget flights that you will surely be able to afford. Air Arabia is considered to be one of the Middle East region’s largest low cost carriers. Atlas Blue operates flights headed to European destinations such as France, from Marrakech and Agadir in Morocco. Menajet on the other hand has quite a limited network, flying to Beirut and Lebanon, while Nas Air operates only in Saudi Arabia. Jazeera Airways flies to several destinations in India and the Middle East from its bases at Kuwait and Dubai. Choose the best budget carrier that serves your country and place of destination! Budget Indonesia Flights Are you currently on the search online for budget flights to Indonesia?Here are some suggestions you might want to consider. Batava Air is one of Indonesias low cost airlines that allow you to go around the country at low rates. Its main hub is in Jakarta and also offers international trips to Guangzhou, Kuching and recently, Singapore. You will also find it useful to check out Citilink. Garuda Citilink is also a low cost regional airline that offers low airfare rates. Lion Air could also be a good choice. It flies from Jakarta to a couple of regional destinations and internationally to Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore. If you are planning to spend your holidays in the western region of Indonesia, Mandala Airlines specialize in this area. It flies to various parts of western Indonesia like Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan. Last but not the least, Merpati Nusantra. It operates in areas missed by the above mentioned, namely Nusa Tenggara, Papua, Maluku and East Timor. Cheap Thailand Flights Budget flights to Thailand or to any of its major cities are not difficult to find for there are so many low cost carriers that service Thailand. Nok Air, Orient Thai and Bangkok Air are three of the most popular ones when it .es to budget Thailand flights. Nok Air started flying in 2004 from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, to destinations such as Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Phuket, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Udon Thani, Trang and Loei. It also offers flights from locations such as Chiang Maito, Chiang Rai, Udon Thani, Pai and Mae Hong Son. Orient Thai on the other hand offers not only domestic flights but also international flights to destinations like Guangzhoi, Hong Kong and Seoul, both from its hubs in Bangkok and Phuket. Bangkok Air can also be a good choice for a low cost carrier. Its offered prices start at $100, but one difference it has from other low cost airlines is that it offers free drinks and snacks at its airport lounges. Cheap Flights to South Korea Finding cheap flights to South Korea should not be a problem at all for there are plenty of discount airlines available you can choose from that operate flights to and from South Korea. South Korea low-cost carriers actually started to .e out in the year 2005. Examples of these are Hansung Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air and EastarJet. Hansung Airlines offers flights from Cheongiu to Seoul and Jeju in South Korea, while Jeju Air flies from Seoul going to destinations like Busan, Jeju and Yangyang. It also offers direct flights to Busan from Jeju. Jin Air flies from Seoul to destinations outside the country such as Guam and Bangkok, Thailand. Another one is EastarJet which operates flights to Jeju Island from Seoul. It offers one-way flights for rates as low as 30USD!Check out their offered flight rates now and find the best deals that would perfectly fit your budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: