Henan, Xinyang, a site found Longshan culture to the remains of late Zhou Dai 3344111

Henan Xinyang ruins found in the late Longshan culture to the remains of Zhou Dai – Henan Beijing Xinyang ruins found in the late Longshan culture remains of Zhou Dai to Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou October 10th news (reporter Gui Juan) with the infrastructure, the Archaeological Institute of Henan Province, Xinyang city in Henan Province before the sun Zhai rescue of the archaeological sites, newly discovered relics Longshan culture and Erlitou culture, early Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty, reveals the development and settlements in the ruins. Sun Village site is located upstream of Huaihe left bank, right bank is the river into the Huai. The site is mainly composed of two platforms in the southeast and northwest of China. In 2008, it was announced as the batch of provincial cultural relics protection units in Henan province in. The newly discovered Neolithic relics mainly in the Northwest Plateau, to the late Longshan culture relics unearthed, mainly has 63 pits, ash ditch 20, 1 house sites seat and pottery 2. This batch of excavated pits of similar size and concentrated distribution, construction of elegant, distinctive architectural technology, its possible uses for foundations or cellars. Pits bottom covered with fine sand, sand through layers of bedding, can be divided into four layers. The inner wall of the pit sand bed, the column is found in the Xinyang area for the first time, which is very important to study the local housing construction technology of the late Longshan culture. Ash is mainly distributed in the Northwest Plateau of Eastern, may serve as a temporary drainage arranged in a crisscross pattern, with one ash ditch through the north and south ditch is wide, up to 1.6 meters deep, rich in relics unearthed, the ditch being used for a long time. Another ditch is not only used for drainage, but also play the role of defense, demarcation. The late Longshan culture relics unearthed include pottery and stone tools, pottery combination for the sand tank, a bowl, and tripod, beans, straight mouth short collar urn. The stone is mainly grinding, stone axes, stone arrowheads, stone shovels, stone sickle, chisel and half moon perforated stone knives. In addition, the site also unearthed at Erlitou culture and the early period of Shang Dynasty relics, such as Zun etc.. The Western Zhou Dynasty unearthed cultural relics unearthed relics is located in the southeast of the platform, rich class to Ge, beans, mainly urn.相关的主题文章: