HK $4 million 400 thousand to buy luxury property in Taiwan Taoyuan pursued by the people of Hong Ko

HK $4 million 400 thousand can buy Taoyuan mansion in Taiwan by the people of Hong Kong property fund sought after Sina exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Zhu correspondent Lina Hongkong reported $4 million 400 thousand in property prices than the Hongkong buy what kind of house? According to a twenty-first Century survey of Economic Herald reporter, this price can buy Yuen Sheung Shui, remote time new 2-bedroom units (about 400 square feet), or the same area geographical position is slightly better, but the Tsuen Wan Tuen Mun in the age of 30 years old houses. In the land of Hong Kong Island, 4 million 400 thousand Hong Kong dollars can buy a practical area of only 200 square feet of the mini unit. However, the HK $4 million 400 thousand can buy a 1500 square feet in the vicinity of Taipei fine decoration of the three bedroom luxury flats. Developers show information, the real estate from Taiwan Taoyuan rail station and nearby subway station 8 minutes walk, about an hour away from Taipei downtown. However, the average price of real estate is only HK $2800 square feet, the threshold of admission of a minimum of HK $4 million 430 thousand. The rental rate of return is only 1%-3% for many people in Hong Kong, Hongkong prices already within sight but beyond reach, so Taiwan has become one of the preferred overseas buyers of many customers in Hongkong our contacts are home-based, there are two main types of customers, one is bought for retirement to live, the other is moved to Taiwan in the local enterprise." Centaline real estate project business director Xu Dawei to twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. Statistics show that in 2015 the people of Hong Kong in Taiwan hit a record high of 7498 people, compared with the previous year, an increase of more than 60%. At the same time, Taiwan in June last year launched the entrepreneur residency program, as long as 200 million Taiwan dollars (about $500 thousand), Hong Kong and Macao residents can apply for business in Taiwan, after five years of residence can apply at the local residence. In fact, compared to the Hongkong market of hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollar admission threshold, Taiwan property market is a thrifty by the people. "If Taipei is the core area of the real estate price in Hongkong and hundreds of millions of dollars, be roughly the same, but one hour drive from downtown Taipei within the greater Taipei area still have a lot of choices. The Taipei MRT is the New Taipei City as an example, in recent years, many new sites more than and 700 square units, admission fee of HK $about 3000000." Operating in the media business in Taiwan Huo told reporters in twenty-first Century economic news. Mr. Huo family and a few years ago moved to Taichung, the open unit and buy a nearly 300 square, in the vicinity of Taichung Feng Chia University in mid 2014, the investment of approximately HK $400 thousand, the monthly rental units to approximately HK $2000, the rate of return of 6%. He and his family rented a 1500 square meters in the unit of HK $4000, the market value of the unit was as high as HK $2 million. He admitted that the current overall rental rate of return on residential property in Taiwan is only 1%-3%. Taiwan property is more suitable for long-term appreciation of the appreciation, holding time to相关的主题文章: