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  home appliances group standard of green products; is expected to bid farewell to the "side by side" — home — people.com.cn original title: home appliances group of green product standards issued is expected to bid farewell to "oneself" now on the market under the banner of the green product is "squandering charming eyes to the bottom, whether they are actually energy-saving environmental protection? The day before, the national industrial production China cooperation alliance, will promote green products to promote the release of the first 13 Product Green Design Evaluation Standard Specification Group in Beijing united, involving air purifier, induction cooker, washing machine, lampblack machine, household refrigerators, water storage type electric water heaters and other products. Group standard is an important supplement to national standards, industry standards and local standards. The State Council "to deepen the standardization reform program" clearly put forward to foster the development of community standards, choose to have the ability standard of social organization and industrial technology alliance, to carry out the pilot group standard in the market and a high degree of technology innovation activity, standard products more areas. Gao Ning, deputy director of the Ministry of energy conservation believes that the Green Upgrade in the field of industry is an effective way to crack the bottleneck of resource constraints. Ma Lincong, President of China Institute of standardization, the standard involves products are closely related to people’s lives. Very concerned about whether these products, green product life cycle energy consumption and other people, by focusing on the selection of key indicators of green product standards and product quality, with reference to international advanced level and fully consider the development of green technology in the present stage China industry trend, China has made the first batch of green product design evaluation group standard. The index of the advanced nature of the indicator is reflected in the requirements of household appliances more energy saving, performance indicators, such as more stringent product standards. For example, air purifier products green design evaluation standard compared with the corresponding national standards, improve energy efficiency ratio of 60% indicators, particulate clean air volume requirements increase more than 10%, 98% requirements to improve the sterilization rate." Ma Lincong said. The public can query the product through the information platform to achieve the green product standards, and green design product evaluation model will be self declaration + after market regulation, in order to reduce the burden on enterprises. (commissioning editor Meng Zhe and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: