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Hongkong property market into the era of big blind grab disk public "disc grab" – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to Hongkong Ta Kung Pao reported that since the British exit after the Hongkong property market crazy state. The city, "see disk grab", creating a building over the past two months were crazy force, this month the first 17 Japan temporarily sold over 3100 pens, which attract about 23 billion yuan (HK $, the same below), half sales have hit a new high after cases (April 2013 Implementation), take along so far this year temporarily recorded sold nearly 13 thousand pen, suction gold over 120 billion yuan, beyond the first nine months of last year sold nearly 11 thousand and 600 pen and attract nearly 116 billion yuan, up 9.6% and 11%. The market of Hong Kong people crazy, nearly two months before entering the era of big blind grab the disc, there are some real estate agent: "even the reputation has always been numb grab open lane, Hongkong property market has no epilepsy floor is not sell." "Where is the floor to sell side line", creating a new site were two months of continuous innovation, following the August total recorded about 2460 transactions after the first 17 days of this month has been recorded more than 3100 transactions, has been increased by nearly 10%, suction gold 25 billion yuan, 18 billion yuan more than last month compared with 28% cases, innovation after the king, and the new year cumulative take along sold nearly 13 thousand, worth more than 120 billion yuan, beyond the first nine months of last year figures. The new disc sales throughout the year 18 thousand cases of material breaking Centaline residential region President Chen Yongjie said, September a turnover of up to 3500 pen, one hand will continue to dominate the market, that year recorded more than 18 thousand cases, the highest since 2007 nine years, but only barely reached twenty thousand each year the government set a hand supply target. By September three popular Grand YOHO first disc, and nine East Sea Pian Hui Tseung Kwan O Eic No. 1 MONOPOLY City, three disc in months to sell nearly 2000 pen. Where Grand first YOHO yesterday, the fourth round of the sale of the pen, the end of the increase in more than 260 under the bag can not be cleaned up to 20%. The city passed the day to sell more than 240 pens, cash of about 2 billion 600 million yuan, together with the first three sold thousands of pens, pen for the largest number of new disc sold this year, total cash of about 9 billion 400 million yuan (market capitalization). Every month to sell the new building, this year has sold 3200 pen, suction amount more than 32 billion yuan, the score is significantly behind other developers. Castello broke the record of 11 million hands Lixin group cooperation URA Xi Ma Tau Kok building, 17, third, open model units and to collect the tickets, the reaction is good, the demonstration unit of long queues. News refers to the three day tired of more than 150 votes, relative to the first batch of 118 pen slight excess. In addition, the Yongtai Red Crescent launched all 48? Tin Hill pen price list, compared with the previous micro individual plus 1%, following? Price of 18644 yuan, is 7 million 103 thousand and 300 yuan admission. 45 of these arrangements for 21 days to sell. Second hand plate also fight epilepsy, astronomical everywhere. Market sources, room high-rise 7 G Sha Tin Castello, building 1107, 901 party utility??, just to break the history of epilepsy as estates price of 11 million yuan sold, belonging to the estates second "million households, 12208 yuan?. Owners 07 yuan to buy a Book of about $4 million 500 thousand.相关的主题文章: