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UnCategorized The US economy is slowly trying to get back on its feet, but many potential obstacles remain. In the mid-west, there is good talent with deep enterprise-level IT experience, and lots of new young talent looking for positions. How can private business help to retool the workforce and boost employment? Notes from a conversation with Anju Bajaj, CEO, Zuna Infotech, Inc.: Working in IT services to provide end-to-end technology solutions, we have found highly skilled talent in the American Midwest. In recent years, many seasoned IT professionals have lost their jobs as Midwestern .panies downsized. These individuals have deep enterprise level IT skills, but may not be up to speed with the latest technologies. There are also many brilliant young people available who have good web-based technology skills, but no experience in legacy systems or the working of .plex enterprises. Our focus is on cross-training both groups as they collaborate to build IT solutions for our customers. We have found that by organizing these two groups into small teams, guided by a lead who knows both web-based and legacy systems, we can leverage their individual strengths to cross-train each other. After an initial quick-training, we have them work side-by-side in small project teams to transfer knowledge and mentor in both directions. Some structured learning is necessary, but most of the time is spent working directly with each other on actual projects. It turns out that both sets of workers are smart, capable and, in live project settings, collaborate and acquire technical skills and domain knowledge relatively quickly. The bigger and more subtle challenge is teaching younger workers about business processes. Each process must fit the workflow so that a process change in one area doesn’t produce difficulties in other areas. To address these challenges, you need to have people with deep expertise in functional and domain disciplines as well as technical experts. By teaming talent, we can produce functional experts who understand all areas. These individuals be.e our team leaders and train new teams as they .e onboard. The speed of learning has been surprising. In three to six months of working together, about 25% have reached almost guru status; while the remaining 75% have be.e quite skilled. Like most leading service providers, we at Zuna Infotech also build capability through our Centers of Excellence. We focus on developing practices within different industry verticals. With this .es knowledge and structure which we can then pass on through train-the-trainer programs. Individuals be.e technical leads; however this doesn’t mean that they have all the answers. Instead they encourage bright creative people, whether they are young or experienced, to bring new ideas to the project. This way we get four or five people working together on solutions and learning from each other. To make this work, it is important not to let process drag you down. We leverage small, agile teams to keep things moving. We have been inspired by the desire to help keep US workers working while retooling their skills. The results that we’ve found to date have been very encouraging. We hope that this can provide a model for other .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: