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In the face of premature infants, parents how to hold up the sky for them? Sohu health WHO (WHO) report shows that around the world each year about about 15000000 premature births, of which China’s annual premature birth rate of about 10%. With the release of two-child policy, the baby boom followed, the number of premature stage increased. WHO in order to call attention to the problem of premature birth, will be November 17th each year as the world’s premature baby day. In China, preterm is gestational age between 28 to 37 weeks, premature birth is the leading cause of neonatal death, is also the second largest cause of pneumonia in children under five years of age after the death. After the birth of a premature infant is facing a variety of survival challenges, even if survival, but also prone to motor disorders or mental retardation. With neonatal medical technology change rapidly, more and more premature to get reasonable treatment, survival rate and quality of life greatly. Throughout the world, it has become the top priority of the neonatal science that how to treat premature infants and improve the prognosis of premature infants. Department of Neonatology obstetrics hospital affiliated to Fudan University and is committed to participate in the treatment of preterm infants, perinatal medicine and obstetrics construction, jointly set up a multidisciplinary cooperation, help to survive these high-risk mothers of premature infants better. Through continuous research, a number of very low birth weight infants and very low birth weight infants have been successfully treated. In November 17th, in the "world of premature day" date, 10 have been discharged home in premature infant health hospital of Yangpu School District, in neonatal organized care for premature infants, they hold up hope of sky "theme. The event set up a "sound science" and "parenting experience of a kind", "you and me" etc, by the newborn pediatricians to provide parents with comprehensive knowledge of family management of preterm infants. Activities for premature babies who are tailored to warm up small sports, small games and other games. Neonatal health care workers for premature babies and their families carefully created a music poem recitation, for the children to send blessings. For premature infants and their families have not been discharged, then opened the WeChat live interactive. Think back to the baby in the hospital experienced little drops, parents are all touched with emotion. Early production in the face of the sudden premature babies, the social elite will be helpless, seven feet tall will suddenly burst into tears… So premature… Really scary? How do we deal with our premature baby, how to become a qualified parents? Today, the Fudan University affiliated obstetrics and gynecology hospital neonatal doctors to tell you! Parents crying, chatter without stop can ease the pressure, let the doctors pay more attention to their baby? NO!!! Neonatal parents: more love to face up to the baby’s condition, actively grasp related knowledge, is fully prepared, and keep optimistic attitude. Because in our follow-up of premature infants, parents have such a mentality, often the child’s growth and development is also better. Day is also looking forward to the night, and finally look forward to the baby immediately to the hospital相关的主题文章: