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Investment express] IT orange November 17th included 24 investment acquisitions – Sohu technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. – domestic events – 1 you do get $30 million B round of financing and office of science and technology is an Internet commercial office rental platform, through the PC and the mobile terminal link owners, clients and consultants, is convenient for users to search the room whenever and wherever possible. Recently, the best run to get $30 million B round of financing, from the capital to become the lead cast, Shun capital, venture capital management partner Feng Bo, etc.. 2 cloud adaptation by 100 million yuan B round of financing + cloud adaptation is an HTML5 enterprise mobile solutions provider, through a unified office entrance + security management platform + mobile development tools one-stop mobile solutions, cloud adaptation HTML5 mobile application system for the government and enterprises to build a safe, convenient and cross platform, help enterprises to achieve all kinds of cross screen marketing strategy and mobile office. Recently, the cloud adaptation reached the morning of venture capital investment 100 million yuan B round of financing. 3 Nobel Wo induced sources received 500 million yuan B round of financing Nobel Wo induced source is a genomics solutions provider focused on developing cutting-edge molecular biology technology and high performance computing technology in the application of life sciences and human health in the field of science and technology, the business scope includes services and medical health. Recently, the source of the company was given 500 million yuan B round of financing, the investment side of China Merchants Bank, the national investment innovation, and capital. 4 get 150 million B round of financing riding beast beast ride is a focus on business intelligence field of the bicycle’s start-up company, launched a campaign APP- beast riding riding, riding can provide data recording, route recommendation, guide services, in addition to the intelligent riding beast stand. Recently, the beast riding 150 million B round of financing, investors did not disclose. 5 fly through tens of millions of Yuan Bo won the A round of financing Bo fly pass is a airport parking platform, is committed to the modernization of the underground parking lot for proprietary business groups parked car. Customers to airline frequent flyer membership based, a typical user portrait of frequent business travelers travel. Recently, Bo received tens of millions of Yuan fly through A round of financing, by the Qianhai Fuxin fund, are potential capital and joint investment Shenzhen President Feng Qinghua Rui dickson. 6 CareCloud for $31 million 500 thousand C round of financing CareCloud is a big data talent training system and training company, focused on big data technology enterprises in talent, provide business reference model, data model and algorithm of solutions, is committed to optimize the internal management and external decision. Recently, CareCloud was $31 million 500 thousand C round of financing, by Blue Cloud Ventures, First Data Corporation, PNC Financial Services相关的主题文章: