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IPhone 7 marks the lack of breakthrough, you will buy it? – Sohu technology friends jokingly said, iPhone 7 increased the release function is in imitation of Samsung, cancel the 3.5mm audio interface is in imitation of the music, 12 million dual camera is in imitation of HUAWEI, well, so iPhone 7 fell into a high imitation mobile phone. In fact, after the conference, to say there are surprises, that is in the configuration using the new A10 processor; and waterproof, dual camera function is already in other It is quite common for mobile phone products, there is no novelty; but is more surprised, because many of the original apple did get rid of that luxury design, if you remove the 3.5mm audio interface and improved mechanical home bonding touch keys is innovation, should also be a disruptive innovation, did not think this would be so neat apple. Overall, iPhone 7 is a normal mobile phone products, and did not bring more breakthroughs in imagination. So, a lot of people say that after the conference, began to look forward to iPhone 8, implication is difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are not obvious. Indeed, from the beginning of the apple iPhone 6 mobile phone is more and more respected and practical, and iPhone7 feels more and more tend to pragmatism, and lost Jobs era leading technology futurism. OK, here’s what I iPhone7 summary of some. Although iPhone7 has light black (black piano), matte black, gold, silver, gold rose five color options, but we have to buy a piano black color and elegant atmosphere, can only buy 128GB and 256GB versions, because only the piano black two versions, but also increase the number of budget. Although iPhone 7 is equipped with quad core A10 processor, compared with A9 to enhance the contrast of A8 to enhance the three times, and has the most powerful smartphone image processing chip. But the actual use of the difference is not too big, unless everyone is playing the host level game and RAW image editing, etc.. For live, WeChat and other commonly used APP, we all know that the test is the phone memory rather than CPU. So, people will still consider buying more than 32G large memory version. For the A10 processor performance endurance that is mainly from the high efficiency and low consumption for CPU. The conference did not specify the iPhone7 battery capacity, but referred to its endurance than iPhone6s 2 hours, compared to iPhone 6S battery capacity of 1715 Ma, iPhone battery capacity should not be too large. So, even if A10CPU can use electricity, iPhone 7 also has to be equipped with charging treasure, as long as the WiFi network will continue to power, if you have more than 100 of the WeChat group and more than 4000 friends, must be equipped with large capacity charge treasure. AirPods wireless Bluetooth headset looks good, only相关的主题文章: