Iran resumed support for freezing production by US oil recovery of $30-bleep

The oil recovered $30 mark in Iran expressed support for Huitong news network February 18th – freeze yield of NYMEX in the United States in March crude oil futures prices on Wednesday (February 17th) rose $1.62, or 5.58%, at $30.66 a barrel, after Iran said to support the freezing production plans for Russia and Saudi brokered, in response to drag prices fell to a 12 year low pile up in excess of requirement. Status. (the United States NYMEX March crude oil futures prices within the time chart, chart on time for EST; source: Bloomberg, Huitong financial) (the United States NYMEX March crude oil futures prices in recent years the daily candle, on the map in time for the United States Eastern time; source: Bloomberg, Huitong financial at the same time, ICE Brent) April crude oil futures prices rose $2.32, or 7.21%, at $34.50 a barrel. Iran and Venezuela, Iraq and Qatar oil chief held more than two hours of meetings in Tehran on Wednesday, and Iran oil minister said that the freeze proposal should be the first step towards stabilizing the market. In Iran’s oil ministry news agency quoted the Shana Zanganeh speech, and no explicit mention of Iran will yield freezing in Russia and Saudi Arabia and other major oil producers offer the level of January. Before the meeting of oil producers Wednesday, Iran officials had said that Iran would continue to increase production until the production was restored to the level before the 2012 trade sanctions. Iran is the fourth largest exporter of oil (OPEC) oil producing country. This is the first joint production restriction agreement between OPEC and non OPEC oil producers in 15 years, and Iran is the main obstacle to the implementation of the agreement, after Iran vowed to recapture the market share lost due to sanctions. Nevertheless, the production plan support Zanganeh frozen speech helped cause the price of oil rose. Although oil prices rose and the options were about to expire, oil market volumes fell back. According to Reuters data, the U.S. oil market today trading volume slightly higher than 500 million barrels, lower than the level of the past three days. Data released by the American Petroleum Association (API) showed that crude oil inventories fell sharply, and WTI oil prices expanded to 7% in the post settlement transactions, to $31.19 barrels. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美油收复30美元关口 伊朗表态支持冻结产量   汇通网2月18日讯——美国NYMEX 3月原油期货价格周三(2月17日)收盘上涨1.62美元,涨幅5.58%,报30.66美元 桶,此前伊朗表示支持俄罗斯和沙特牵头达成的冻结产量计划,以应对拖累油价降至12年低位的供过于求的状况。   (上图为美国NYMEX 3月原油期货价格日内分时图,图上时间为美国东部时间;图片来源:Bloomberg,汇通财经)   (上图为美国NYMEX 3月原油期货价格最近一年的日线蜡烛图,图上时间为美国东部时间;图片来源:Bloomberg,汇通财经)   与此同时,ICE布伦特4月原油期货价格收盘上涨2.32美元,涨幅7.21%,报34.50美元 桶。   伊朗和委内瑞拉、伊拉克及卡塔尔油长周三在德黑兰举行了逾两个小时的会议,伊朗油长表示,冻产提议应该是向稳定市场迈出的第一步。在伊朗石油部通讯社Shana援引的赞加内的讲话中,并没有明确提及伊朗会将产量冻结在俄罗斯和沙特等主要产油国提议的1月的水平。   在周三产油国会议举行前,伊朗官员曾表示,伊朗继续增产,直至将产量恢复到2012年贸易制裁前的水平。伊朗是第四大石油输出国组织(OPEC)产油国。   这是OPEC与非OPEC产油国15年来首次达成联合限产协议,伊朗是协议能否实施的主要障碍,此前伊朗誓言将重新夺回因制裁失去的市场份额。尽管如此,赞加内支持冻产计划的讲话扶助引发油价大涨。   尽管油价大涨,且期权即将到期,油市成交量却有所回落。根据路透数据,美国油市今日成交量略高于5亿桶,低于过去三日的水平。   美国石油协会(API)公布的数据显示,原油库存意外大幅下降,WTI油价在结算后交易中扩大涨幅至7%,报31.19美元 桶。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: