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Is it dangerous? 80% new drivers can not afford to quit bad habits – Sohu car driving on the road is actually an easy thing can not be easy, but the difference between good and bad to open too big. The difference between "old driver" and "new drivers", is the old drivers have good driving habits, these good habits to avoid the risk of the vast majority of life insurance, or when in danger of the situation. Today, the old driver came to talk to you about the details of the new drivers are easy to make mistakes. Car when turning left or right hand grip the steering wheel, although it makes the steering effort, but in case of car top, very easy to be injured wrist, especially when the back wheel is very easy to be injured wrist, especially the back wheel speed is slow, prone to traffic accidents. Some new drivers in order to save, if the vehicle stalled, left from the clutch, for a long time, will cause the clutch plate burning, crankshaft thrust plate and drive axle gear damage. Start the car after the driver found not fasten the safety belt, and a walking wheel, a hand stretch belt. At this time due to the uneven force, the vehicle is easy to run. So, the old driver suggested that you get on the car to adjust the seat, do not worry to start the engine, the Department also reminded passengers to wear seat belts. Some new drivers in the shift, afraid to find a stall will not look down, this action is extremely dangerous. Remind that the old drivers in the manual transmission models of the brothers, to confirm whether the location of the stalls and their usual driving, be aware of. Eye rubbing, scratching, slapping mosquitoes, the cab to the back seat to touch something, cigarette lighter, mobile phone, pager, picking up objects and so on. All of this will distract attention and traffic accidents. Drive a car, you do so many things? New drivers are comfortable, often holding a steering wheel, a hand hold in the gear lever, and do not say the event to slow the car bumps or when to hold the steering wheel, the weight of the body through the arms and hands to the files, the gate length will cause the gear occlusal instability, causing loss to the car car. Do you think you are the Johjima Toshiya in the D? Like the brakes are not all new people, in fact, most of them are driving more aggressive veteran, these people are often a foot throttle brake. Frequent changes in the center of gravity before and after, to bring a very poor experience. If the road emergency brake party, old driver is able to suggest the best hiding far far away. Emergency brake party is often a very dangerous rear area, if you do not pay attention to the possibility of becoming the next victim of the emergency brake party. Summary: in fact, the new driver to make driving habits more than these, as well as and, turning on lights, flameout glides, sliding, step on the accelerator, do not pull the handbrake or forget to release the parking brake, is a very bad habit. But reflect on, which is not an old driver from the new driver? I hope that the new and old drivers can develop good driving habits, safe driving.相关的主题文章: