It looks good iPhone 7 plus depth as Zhang Baoguang boee

It looks good iPhone 7 Plus depth still Zhang Baoguang in the 7 series iPhone conference, apple stressed that iPhone 7 Plus will support the new "portrait camera" function, using this function, the user can take a picture similar to the SLR depth. However, the current listing of iPhone 7 Plus temporarily does not support this feature. With the push of 1 iOS 10.1 beta, some developers also found a new version of the image on the camera in the system function, and the release of real proofs. It looks good on iPhone 7 Plus depth still Zhang Baoguang portrait camera, Apple’s official introduction is: through the use of the depth of field, you can also keep face clear, creating a blurred background effect. When using iPhone 7 Plus shooting, the dual camera system will use two lenses and advanced machine learning technology to ensure the main body at the same time, to create a blurred background effect. It is worth noting that, as the camera function is not limited to the portrait, during the filming of other things also have good depth of field effect. From the proofs of view, iPhone 7 Plus as function photograph does have good depth of field effect, natural bokeh effect. Although this feature appears only in the test version, but the hands of iPhone 7 Plus users do not worry, I believe that the official version of the push should not be far away.相关的主题文章: