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UnCategorized Ever since filmmaker Kevin Smith made waves with his now classic 1994 .edy Clerks, he has pretty much stayed in the realm of low budget .edy, helping to make stars out of people like his good friend Ben Affleck, Jason Mewes, and even himself. But now, after .pleting a few films inside the Hollywood system (including Cop Out, his first film that he has directed where he was not also the writer) Smith is ready to go independent again with a new film that is a definite change in direction from what his fans are used to. Smith is ready to unleash Red State. Red State is a film that Smith has been talking about for years. Unlike the .edies that he is used to, Red State is a horror film, and so far, the only real knowledge of the story going around is that it is heavily influenced by the film Race With the Devil, which tells the story of a family who is pursued in their Winnebago on their vacation by a Satanic cult. However, Red State aims to turn the tides on the experience, with instead having the family be chased by an overly fundamentalist Christian cult. While Smith himself is a Christian, he has long critiqued the practices of churches, especially fundamentalist churches. He has stated that it disgusts him when other Christians choose to Shove Jesus down your throats. Smith has said that the villain of his film is going to be heavily based on controversial preacher Fred Phelps, who is known for his controversial Westboro Baptist Church, which regularly pickets and protests at funerals for both gay people and soldiers, waving signs that say things such as Thank God for Dead Soldiers and God Hates Fags". To make matters more disturbing, Phelps’ congregation has roughly 70 to 80 members made up almost exclusively of children, grandchildren, and a few friends. Needless to say, if Smith was looking for a religious tyrant to base his villain on, he has certainly found it. While many of Smith’s fans are worried that a project such as this is a bit too ambitious for him (mainly because his most recent attempt at something different, Cop Out, was met with dismal reviews) Smith remains confident that Red State will be good, and that it is time for him to start playing in a bigger sandbox. There is currently no release date, but it is expected to be released in 2011. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: