Kids Laptop, Walkie Talkie And Multifunctional Watch .bo-soojin

Introduction Kid’s toys have .e a long way from that customary blinking doll and a train set. Today’s kids demand toys that are real, something that responds to them, like the gadgets their parents and cousins use. Here is a kid’s .bo offered exclusively for your kid that consists of three amazing products that will win your kid’s heart at an instant. The Bundle The .bo offers a Walkie-Talky, a girl toy meant exclusively for your little princess to stay connected with her friends. Then there is a Kid’s Laptop, a unisex learning toy and a Multifunctional Sports Watch for a smart kid. It is a .plete package that is designed with versatility to suit both boys and girls. The Cute Little Toy The Walkie-Talky is a cute little toy for girls to play with her friends. The plastic body with pink- purple color .bination is custom made for girls. The battery operated walkie-talkie has powerful signal with 4 transistors with which she can talk with her friends within a proximity of around 100mitres. It even has a tiny antenna for better signal. The device has an easy to use Push-to-talk, release to listen button switch. It will be a truly enjoyable toy for the kid as it will give them real life experience. The Learner The Kids Laptop is basically a learning toy that will teach your kid English language and numbers in a fun way and make him/her familiar with the keyboard side by side. The look is very much like a real laptop with a blue and white flip design and a small screen. Your kid will learn very fast with this device as it teaches him through a game. As soon as your kid chooses an activity by pressing the number the game will appear on screen to play with. It also has a number of games to keep your child occupied any time. The laptop also .es with a drawing and music activity to brush up your kid’s creative side. The Fashion Accessory Then .es the Multifunctional Sports Watch, the fashion accessory for your kid. Jokes apart, this black color, plastic strap sports watch is not a toy but a real watch with cool features. Your kid can set alarm and hourly chime in the watch. The stop watch is useful when he is playing with his friends. It has a night lamp to add to his delight. The watch is even water resistant making it a perfect gadget for a kid. The Bottom Line This thoughtful and versatile .bo can be the perfect gift for any three plus kids. It has a real like toy, a fun learner as well as a fashion accessory to make it a .plete package. The .bo is tagged with a modest price to make it the perfect gift for any occasion. Gift this to your child or their friends and see their face glowing with a big smile at an instant. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: