Lanzhou crackdown new network telecommunications fraud gangs cracked bank card reselling case – in

Lanzhou Telecom fraud Gang crackdown cracked: bank card reselling case – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in September 20, (Peng Weiping) Chengguan District of Lanzhou city procuratorate 20 days of disclosure, the hospital recently involved in the investigation in advance, and the local public security organs to combat the alleged major telecom fraud downstream industry chain — the case of impairing credit card administration Tianmou, the 10 suspects on suspicion of the crime of impairing credit card administration approved the arrest. Chengguan prosecutors introduced, from the beginning of July 2016, Tianmou through the network connection to telecom fraud Gang, is committed to providing the bank card fraud for the profit from. Subsequently, Tianmou to buy someone else’s identity card, and contact the Internet to hire more people, respectively, to allow them to hold their identity cards to buy a number of banks in Lanzhou for bank cards. Then, the use of online transactions Tianmou, courier delivery and other means to sell bank cards to telecommunications fraud gangs. Chengguan prosecutors review that the gang is professional for illegal reselling of bank card fraud Gang, in the telecommunications industry chain in the bottom. To combat the whole industry chain of telecommunications fraud, prosecutors and public security organs held a joint meeting decided: starting from the flow of funds, involving bank card to verify, fixed evidence at the same time to carry out case investigations, the entire telecommunications fraud gang up and down the chain of crime. In September 15th, county prosecutors on suspicion of the crime of impairing credit card administration decided to arrest Tianmou 10 suspects, police also arrested 3 of related suspects. Currently, the case is under further investigation. In recent years, a growing trend of the spread of telecommunications fraud in the domestic public, the two sides reached a consensus on the downstream of the crime as the whole chain of investigation management, to provide telephone lines, landing server leasing illegal business line, layer by layer to trace in the end; to provide bank card services along the line to identify the gang, will collect the ID card, personnel management, mail, etc. in every aspect; to provide mobile phone malware, Trojans, personal information of citizens, "pseudo base station", eavesdropping according to special equipment, wireless shielding device, black radio and other equipment of the gang, to thoroughly investigate the illegal production, sale and use of writing, each link. The case for clues on the extended, cut off illegal industrial chain model of telecommunication network. (end)相关的主题文章: