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Writing Are you looking to read a good book in the up.ing weekends? But then you are quite confused about which genre of book you should try out. Well, here in this article we will be discussing about LEAVING MONTANA written by Thomas Whaley. Before we talk about his work, first lets get to know the writer first. Know about the author Thomas Whaley was a teacher at Patchogue Medford since 15 years time span, before taking up the job of a full time story teller. He was born and brought up in Long Island. In the year 1990, he was graduated from his high school and after that he took admission from the University of Marymount for his bachelors and then he did his master in arts from the famous Dowling College in the year 2000. One of the most amazing facts about Thomas Whaley is, he has written six books for children but then all of those books are yet to be published by the publishers. But then, you will be surprised to know, he has been sharing his experience as a story teller among all the students that he teaches and also he shares his emotions as well as his journey as a writer with his two kids in order to entertain them in spare times, and in the process helping them to be.e a better human being the future. With the huge popularity and affections that he is receiving across with world, he can easily be considered as one of the popular Authors like David Sedaris. The story line If you like books that tell you about relationships then Leaving Montana is just the perfect choice for you as this book tells you about dysfunctional relationships. Due to its immensely popularity this book is being rated among the famous books like David Sedaris. Here in this book we see the main character Benjamin, who has a great life with two kids, a loving wife, and a stable job. From outside he looks like a person with stability and leading a happy life but then people who know him since ages, knew it is just an outer shell, but inside he is a .pletely different person who is always waiting for you to pull the pins and soon he will pounce on you just like a butcher. During the chapters, we see Benjamin is fighting with a demon that is resting inside him for ages and most of the cases; his anger was the result of his parents tumultuous marriage life. As we experience the journey with Ben, we see at one time his father told him a dark secret and then left Montana leaving Ben in this quest to find the truth. And this book tells you the story, how that secret changed Bens life inside out and how he coped up with the changes and eventually got the better of the situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: