Makeup is not in place 10 years old! The goddess of the first row to see the show has changed aunt f

Makeup is not in place 10 years old! The first row shows the goddess became "aunt face" lead: Fashion Week has entered the countdown stage, the actress show quite a lot, but the key moment "makeup" ball dropped even wear again big also can become the "trench" aunt role. "Makeup" in the heart tired born Tammy invincible "Ivy Chen and SA had suffered" cosmetics "in Waterloo, watching the show a makeup is too heavy, Nongyan boring; temperament goddess Bea Hayden to play the" old-fashioned "activities, to tell the truth to the make-up speech speech; a top Ella" Chow "to show, is to steal the spotlight…… What happened to the horse goddess? "Makeup" in the heart tired Ivy Chen Wuli by virtue of a sweet "Tammy" in the entertainment circle into a show but can run in both directions unblockedly, hurried "makeup" mature. If you can "makeup" charming or worth mentioning, the results of the mature attitude is there, but look like the old 10 year old vicissitudes of life, the price is also a little big. A Ivy Chen is no makeup look, the makeup and planted them too gaudy, Wuli hair or makeup for the atmosphere. Red lips and blue color Eyeliner collocation circle surrounded by pearl earrings, even Liu Qi and meatball head will not save the deviation of the temperament. Bea Hayden Bea Hayden is even more regrettable, it is fresh black long straight goddess, but was makeup into the "old" show aunt…… Mainly lost in the eye makeup is too strong. Bea Hayden’s other scorpion braid appeared in a lot of people think Guo goddess on the face is very strange, but accept incompetence, weave to create a sense of style that has obvious than ordinary black long straight lighter. This right other purple lips are too old, ruin my goddess temperament. O SA o SA was dressed in a red skirt at the Lanvin show itself extremely exciting, but always elegant makeup, makeup SA suddenly up really surprising, may be in line with this gorgeous dress…… A SA but you can see a SA skin condition is very good, smooth and delicate eyebrow and eyeliner makeup ~ part painting too hard and heavy, and monotonous black makeup is easy to make the whole dirty. If you do not force too much, the opposite of a fairy gas full makeup hair, the effect must be 100 times better. Ma Sichun Ma Sichun is the fashion week Lamor, large and small, the show ran several other, variety, most are vitality girl temperament. But in the Salvatore Ferragamo show on the eight ball head shape of a fringe + level. The main flaw is that the "zero eye makeup", so that the original divine girl immediately into the flat and uninteresting. Ma Sichun eyebrow too much makeup, eye makeup is too light, resulting in a very uncoordinated makeup effect. Ella Ella Chen since the marriage will be more and more feminine, the shape is also more and more refined and elegant, rare is the direction of the goddess. But this fashion week on several other efforts before and put her into a cloud ~ of course is mainly planted in the hair.相关的主题文章: