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Mid Autumn Festival this year will present a penumbral lunar eclipse visible throughout the Chinese "penumbral lunar eclipse" (map) original title: the most full moon round the Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the "penumbral lunar eclipse" xinhuanet.com Tianjin on September 15th news this year moon is the fifteen moon seventeen round". Astronomy experts, when the public is to enjoy the full moon at the same time, a penumbral lunar eclipse is happening. The whole process can be seen throughout our country. The lunar eclipse is a natural phenomenon, when the sun, the earth and the moon just or almost three on the same line (when the earth between the sun and the moon), the sun to the moon light will be partially or completely cover the earth, creating an eclipse of the moon. According to the moon obscured range, the eclipse is divided into eclipse, and the total lunar eclipse penumbral lunar eclipse three. The penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the moon appears to be larger than usual "dim". Astronomy experts said, although not so spectacular penumbral lunar eclipse and shocking, but it is the best time to see the full moon. The astronomical forecast shows that the penumbral lunar eclipse began in Beijing on September 17th morning zero 53 points, ending at 4:56. Astronomy education experts, Tianjin astronomical society director Zhao Zhiheng said that in more than 4 hours, the moon is round, but there is a moon from light to dark, dark to light from the recovery process, if the moon observation telescope, dark feeling will be more obvious. Astronomy experts explained that in sunny weather, Haoyuedangkong case, the moon is very bright, so that in the telescope will be very dazzling, the surface details are difficult to see. In the penumbral lunar eclipse period, the earth covered part of a projection on the surface of the sun, the moon and the mountain canyon with rays craters will appear more clearly. In 2016 the sky were three penumbral lunar eclipse, the other two occurred respectively in March 23rd and August 18th. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: