Mobile communications revenue fell U.S. telecom giant Verizon was forced to implement large layoffs aizi

Mobile communications revenue beauty telecom giant Verizon was forced to implement layoffs of Tencent Francisco American telecom market competition is very fierce, mobile communications revenue largest U.S. telecom giant Verizon earlier, appeared fell. The day before, the company announced that it would lay off. Estimated number of layoffs may be as many as thousands of people. According to The Associated Press, Verizon layoffs, mainly to deal with the increasingly fierce competition in the field of mobile communications. Verizon is one of the two major U.S. telecommunications giant and at & T on an equal footing, owns "Verizon wireless mobile communication business". A spokesman for the Verizon said Friday that the number of employees in the company’s national offices and retail stores will be reduced, but the spokesman did not announce the specific size of layoffs. A union persons Tim Dubnau predicts that the Verizon will be in the hundreds of people around the United States to reduce or even thousands of people in the city of New York, before Brook in the forest, a total of six retail stores, Verizon fired nine people from 55 employees. The union is a coordinator of the American communications workers union, which covers seven retail stores in Verizon, New York and massachusetts. But so far, most of the employees of the Verizon retail stores, has not been protected by trade unions. A spokesman for the Verizon said that thousands of layoffs are exaggerated, and that all Verizon employees who have lost their jobs can apply for other positions within the company. In the United States, Verizon employs a total of 162 thousand people, but the number of employees working in retail stores, is still unknown. According to reports, Verizon is to enhance the efficiency of the measures in the retail store, past two jobs will be merged into one, namely customer service technical experts and merchandisers, which will cause the redundant staff. Although the world has entered the era of mobile Internet, mobile Internet demand more and more prosperous, but in the United States, the mobile communication market has slowed growth phenomenon. Today, many American adults have a smart mobile phone, while operators also need to provide purchase discount, which reduces the revenue. In the first half of 2016, Verizon’s mobile communications business revenue fell 3% to $44 billion. In addition, the higher the average contribution to the growth in the number of high-end users, down 1/4. It is worth mentioning that, Verizon is currently preparing to acquire the old portal YAHOO, before the two companies signed a preliminary deal, Verizon will invest $4 billion 830 million, the acquisition of YAHOO’s core assets. But recently YAHOO suddenly broke a hacking attack two years ago the news, said at least five hundred million YAHOO user account is cut, the image of the crash YAHOO, chief executive Meijer hide the practice has also been criticism of the media. According to the New York Post reported that after the hacking scandal, Verizon has asked for the transfer of YAHOO’s core assets to reduce the price of $one billion. Earlier, Veri.相关的主题文章: