Naming Guidelines For Hong Kong Limited .pany

Business There are two types of .pany registration in Hong Kong: one is a limited .pany, other one is unlimited .pany. Generally, 99% .panies registered in Hong Kong are limited .panies. Naming freedom of Hong Kong .pany is relatively large, more relaxed restrictions on registered capital, keywords, and so on. Hong Kong .pany Name: According to the .pany Law of Hong Kong, regardless of the registered size of funds of Hong Kong .panies, the government allow the .pany name with international, group, holding, industry, investment, fund, publishers, logistics, construction, tourism, finance, colleges, health care, the center, institute and other words; in front of the .pany name can also add your favorite place names, such as: France, the United States, China, Hong Kong, etc; Hong Kong .pany must have English name, Chinese name can be or not and the end of .pany name must be in English LIMITED and Chinese ; Notes: 1. The .pany name should not be too long; 2. The .pany name can not be mixed with Chinese and English; 3. The .pany name should not be the same as the well-known brands; 4. Unless otherwise apply for a license, otherwise the .pany name can not contain the bank, insurance or a misunderstanding that the .pany may have the wording of any relationship with the Government; 5. Although the .pany Law does not require the .pany name must be related to the scope of business, it is better to select a realistic name, exaggerated or not consistent with the real business name will cause customer misunderstanding. Disadvantages of Improper .pany Name: If selected an improper .pany name, easily lead to customer remittances put their name is missing, or too long cause payment is not filled in, must produce additional cost change remittance slips, each flow affects the .panys image and operation. FAQ: Could the Hong Kong .pany name be changed after registered? A: Yes, it could be changed. Generally select the specialized agencies to handle the case is the most convenient way. Produced renamed agreement and renamed government document by the relevant authorities and endorsed to the customer, it can be handled successfully about 10 working days. It is worth noting, the new certificate of registration after renamed will be reflected in the old .pany name and the date on the new certificate of registration changed its name to date rather than the registration date. The .pany name is the external signs of the .pany and organization, its recognition, visibility and so on to a certain extent affect the .panys operations and development. Under normal circumstances, the .pany named former can choose professional management consulting firms and other intermediaries name consulting and verification, in order to improve the chances of successfully passed, and better to avoid future unnecessary names and brand disputes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: