Nanchang gold robbery cracked 3 people arrested 9 gold chain was

"Nanchang gold robbery cracked 3 people arrested 9 gold chain was recovered three suspects were escorted back to the Nanchang police police escort 3 suspects back to Japan in September 12 Chang Nanchang news network reported the" Nanchang disabled person robbed 300 thousand karat gold gold 3 seconds robbed "article. Recently, the police informed of the case, through the network technology figureinvestigation "synthetic combat", the detection of the long barrow "9.11" large gold shop robbery case, arrested 3 suspects, recovered 9 gold necklace and money more than 2.6 yuan. Event review: create a new gold shop robbery 300 thousand gold stolen the night of September 11th, a heavily armed men entered the Xinghua Road, New District of Nanchang city "Guaizi Junhua shop", while only one shop owner Yang, with the suddenness of a thunderbolt, with a hammer will near the door of the counter in a glass cup, in 3 seconds will counter the number of root chain grazing and escape. According to estimates, the total loss of more than 300 thousand yuan store. Seized 9 suspects have been arrested a gold necklace robbed a gold shop surveillance video victim owner gold shop owner Yang said: "last night about 8:20 only one person I see shop, was for two customers in making gold jewelry shop. Suddenly, I heard two loud bangs "bang bang". Look up, someone with a hammer in my store closest to the door glass counter. The glass is ordinary glass counter, the counter after sound above the glass is broken, a man with a hand into the counter, picked up a handful of gold necklace and ran out. Because I have a disability, certainly can not catch up. The store was a male customer after hearing the news chased out, but unfortunately, the man did not catch the suspect. The whole process is about 3 seconds, I was shouting a few ‘do’, did not react. Later, I watched the monitor, the suspect is from the west side of the store into the store, and then directly to the crime." Progress: 3 suspects were arrested 9 gold chain was recovered as the reporter learned from the police cracked the case as soon as possible, the New Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force to take many measures to expand the investigation, timely access to important clues, only less than 24 hour track lock the case all the three suspects. On the morning of September 13th, according to the task force deployed from the criminal investigation, technical investigation, dispatched elite police quickly formed a hunt group, the first time to the Zhejiang province to implement the arrest of several suspects, September 13th in the afternoon at 13:50 PM, the assistance of the police in Zhejiang, hunt group one will be three suspects were all arrested, and seized stolen gold necklace with 9 and the money more than 2.6 yuan. At present, the three suspects involved in the case of a gold ring, Yan Wei mouming, Moulei, on suspicion of robbery, was the New Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (reporter Wang Xu)相关的主题文章: