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Nanjing tour guide for Sichuan tourists to fly to Thailand to donate "panda blood" Thai officials praised the Sichuan channel — original title: Nanjing tour guide for Sichuan tourists to fly to Thailand to donate "panda blood" Thai officials praised the Thailand tourism and sports minister Cogan (right) to the Xinhua News Agency Yang Li souvenirs Yang Li (left) and the injured Tourists Guide Luo MS and blood Tangshan guy save blood donation due to surgery a total of 1200 milliliters of blood donation, including Yang Li, a total of three Chinese. One of them is Tangshan to Phuket in informed of the news from Shenzhen. The high official points "Yang Li’s action set a good example for everyone." The Thai people appreciate and admire the spirit of devotion to others, which is invaluable. " On October 5th, Yang Li, the tour guide in Nanjing, was exposed to a gift that had just been received in his friend’s circle, a three color Bracelet symbolizing the national flag of Thailand. In September 22nd, Yang Li learned from a circle of WeChat friends that a Chinese Sichuan tourist was badly in need of a rare blood type Rh – negative blood operation in Thailand’s Phuket Island. In September 23rd, she went to Puji to donate blood. Thailand tourism and sports minister Cogan, 5 day tour in Bangkok to thank Yang Li Cogan, said: "Yang Li is in Thailand tourism tourists China blood donation, her actions as we set a good example. The Thai people appreciate and admire the spirit of dedication to others, and this spirit is priceless. Cogan, a tourist in Sichuan, is badly in need of "panda blood" operation. "The most precious gift has been received today." Thailand tourism and sports minister Cogan personally held the flag of honor for me. "Thank you for your affirmation and encouragement." Yang Li was very excited about the gift he had just received. On the day of September 21st, Ms. Luo, a tour guide in Chengdu of Thailand, was unable to make any progress. She sent messages in friends circles and micro-blog to find AB Rh negative blood volunteers. Just the day before, the more than 50 year old woman in the team had an accident in the course of a trip, a severe spinal injury, and a need to be operated at a local hospital. When the ambulance sent her to the hospital, she found that Mrs. Wang’s blood group was AB – type Rh negative blood, that is, a very rare "panda blood". "It’s too hard to find a match for her blood type." Ms. Luo told reporters that she just wanted to expand the scope and find the same blood type as soon as possible. Fortunately, this message was seen by people with the same blood type and went from home to Thailand to donate blood. "The volunteers have taken the blood, and everything is progressively developing." Ms. Luo said that the events of the last few days were always "looking for blood and looking for blood." Phuket Island is unknown to tourists from Nanjing in September 22nd to donate blood, Yang Li is ready to tour back to Nanjing, more than 7 points in the morning, already at the airport she saw this message, "at that time, the group is also talking about this thing." Yang Li called Ms. Luo and said he could help if there was any need. In order to bring the tour back to the country, Yang Li began to think about returning to his return journey to find a special person to send the past. "Later I knew that the examination and approval of the blood inspection and quarantine needed a certain time, and it would certainly delay the operation." At 8 o’clock in the evening of September 23rd, she flew to Phuket Island on MU2813 flight, arrived at 3 a.m. on the second day, and donated blood to the local Red Cross in the afternoon, offering 450 milliliters, with her other blood donors and two other volunteers. At 2 a.m. on the 25 day, Yang Li returned home again. "After blood donation is still a little weak, it feels cold at the airport." After going abroad to donate blood, Yang Li thinks he is still able to be in trouble for two years. "This is our occupational disease, and we like to be nosy." Blood type is special to help each other and be helped by others. "In the vast sea of people, how likely are we to see each other?" How many AB – type Rh negative blood can meet? " Yang Li expressed feelings in the circle of friends, she said, in the hospital she also met Wang Da Niang and a photo, the other side lying on the bed has always expressed thanks. Yang Li, who has been more than 30 years old this year, has been a tour guide since graduating from college, and has been in the past 10 years. Because of the special blood type, she was always afraid of accidents when she was traveling by means of transport. Because everyone else’s blood type could supply blood in time, it was difficult for her to find the matching blood group. A few years ago, Yang Li was going to have a cesarean section. His 400 millilitre of blood was not enough at all. The hospital had been afraid of surgery. At this time, a good hearted fellow with blood type came to the hospital to donate blood. "They don’t leave their names." Yang Li said that he has been thankful for all the time, and it is also a fate to meet these things, and to help others. Chengdu Daily reporter Huan Xiaohuai (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia) 南京导游飞泰国为四川游客捐"熊猫血" 泰高官盛赞–四川频道–人民网 原标题:南京导游飞泰国为四川游客捐"熊猫血" 泰高官盛赞 泰国旅游和体育部长科甘(右)向杨莉赠送纪念品  新华社发 杨莉(左)与受伤游客的导游罗女士以及献血的唐山小伙   献血救人   由于手术共需1200毫升血,包括杨莉在内一共有三名中国人献血。其中一名是唐山人,在获知消息后从深圳赶赴普吉。   高官点赞   “杨莉的举动为大家树立了一个好榜样。泰国人欣赏和钦佩这种为他人奉献的精神,这种精神是无价的。”   10月5日这天,南京导游杨莉在自己的朋友圈晒出了刚收到的礼物――象征泰国国旗的三色手链。   9月22日,杨莉从微信朋友圈获知,一名中国四川籍游客在泰国普吉岛受伤急需稀有血型Rh阴性血动手术。9月23日,她便“打飞的”前往普吉献血。泰国旅游和体育部部长科甘,5日登门感谢正在曼谷带团的杨莉,科甘说:“杨莉为在泰国旅游的中国游客献血,她的举动为大家树立了一个好榜样。泰国人欣赏和钦佩这种为他人奉献的精神,这种精神是无价的”。   四川游客泰国受伤   急需“熊猫血”手术   “今天收到了最珍贵的礼物,泰国旅游和体育部长科甘亲手为我系上了代表荣耀的国旗手链,感谢您的肯定和鼓励……”对于刚刚收到的礼物,杨莉非常激动。   9月21日这天,身在泰国的成都导游罗女士一筹莫展,她在朋友圈和微博都发出信息,寻找AB型Rh阴性血的志愿者。就在前一天,团队里50多岁的王大娘在旅行过程中发生了意外,脊柱受伤严重,需要在当地医院进行手术。   等到救护车将王大娘送到医院后才发现,王大娘的血型是AB型Rh阴性血,也就是非常罕见的“熊猫血”。“她的血型太难找到可以匹配的了。”罗女士告诉记者,当时她就只想扩大范围,尽快找到相同血型的人。幸运的是,这条信息被具有相同血型的人看到,并从国内赶往泰国献血。“志愿者已经抽取了血液,一切都在循序渐进开展。”罗女士表示,这几天的事情一直都是“找血液、找血液”。   从南京飞往普吉岛 为素昧平生的游客献血   9月22日,杨莉准备带团回南京,上午7点多,已经在机场的她看到了这条信息,“当时群里也在议论这件事情。”杨莉当即给罗女士打了电话,表示如果还有需要,自己可以帮忙。因为要将旅行团带回国,杨莉在回程就开始考虑回国抽血后找专人送过去。 “后来才知道血液检验检疫审批需要一定时间,送过去肯定会耽误手术。”   9月23日晚上8点,她乘坐了MU2813航班赶往普吉岛,第二天凌晨3点到达,下午就去往当地红十字会献血,献了450毫升,和她一起献血的还有另外两名志愿者。25日凌晨2点,杨莉再次乘坐航班回国。“献血后还是有些虚弱,在机场都感觉冷得发抖。”出国献血,杨莉则认为自己这两年身体还可以,不麻烦。“这就是我们的职业病,喜欢管闲事”。   血型特殊更要互助   她也受过别人帮助   “茫茫人海中,我们相见的几率有多大?有多少个AB型Rh阴性血能见面?”杨莉在朋友圈发出感慨,她表示,在医院她也见到了王大娘并合影,对方躺在床上一直表示感谢。   杨莉今年已经30多岁,从大学毕业后就一直做导游,已经10年光景了。因为血型特殊,她乘坐交通工具的时候一直都很害怕出现意外,因为别人的血型都能及时供血,她却很难找到匹配的血型。几年前,杨莉准备剖腹产,自己备的400毫升血液根本不够用,医院一直不敢手术,这时候也有同血型的好心人来到医院献血。“他们名字都没留下就走了。”杨莉说,自己一直心存感激,如今遇到这样的事情,也算是缘分,该自己去帮别人了。成都商报记者 宦小淮 (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: