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The "national team" fund preferred manufacturing and Finance – fund channel (original title: "national team" fund preferred manufacturing and Finance) the day the data show that as of the end of the three quarter, only 5 of the "national team" fund all the profits. On the position, only 5 fund stock positions accounted for almost flat with the two quarter of the two quarter, most of the fund’s largest stock holdings continue to. TX Irving data show that Chinese new economic performance is the best, the three quarter profit of 1 billion 854 million yuan, the net growth rate of 5.81%. Yifangda Rui Hui, Castrol new opportunities, the South consumption activity, Fengqing investment profits were 966 million yuan, 891 million yuan, 804 million yuan and 688 million yuan, the net growth rates were 5.50%, 2.58%, 2.10%, 4.14%. From the position point of view, 5 national team fund positions stable. 4 fund positions within one percentage point change, the biggest change in the vitality of the South consumer activity, stock positions fell to 82.44% from the two quarter of 85.82%. The three quarter, the national team fund pet manufacturing and finance. Castrol new opportunities, new economy, China Southern consumption vitality and yifangda Ruihui manufacturing positions accounted for respectively 34.24%, 30.23%, 17.15% and 10.49%, market capitalization accounted for also for the first. In the financial sector banking stocks is only the 5 "national team" fund awkwardness. In China new economy as an example, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, industrial bank and China Merchants Bank ranked the top three awkwardness, 3 banks accounted for the net value of the fund’s net asset value of 11.89%. Compared with the two quarter, the South consumption activity of heavily loaded stocks does not appear in the new China; the new economy heavily loaded Dongxu broadcasting, Guodiandianli quit the largest harvest sequence; new opportunities for new stocks, including the U.S. pharmaceutical Kang Dexin, Kweichow Moutai ChinaNetCenter, Yi Fangda Rui Hui’s largest stock in new absorption the Chinese building. In the future, the South consumption activity fell sharply pointed out that a quarter of the full release of the risk, the two or three quarter of the overall A shares climbed slowly, the risk-free interest rate down again to further strengthen the asset transfer logic, the superposition stage of economic stabilization, the reforms to accelerate, will help boost investor risk appetite, to reflect the value of equity assets investment. Will continue to maintain a neutral position, the structure is still the focus of the configuration underestimate the value of blue chip stocks. China’s new economy believes that the risk of continued weakness in the future economy still exists. "In the domestic economy and the improvement of sustainability is not strong and the fourth quarter of the Fed rate hike is expected to remain in the background, is expected in the four quarter of the market still lacks the trend of rising prices, are more concerned about the structure and the stock market, and the market adjustment rebound opportunities." Selection of high-quality financial products, evaluation of popular financial products; popular financial investment knowledge; provide ways and means to make money. Make it easier for you to make money! See more financial dry cargo, please scan the QR code below concern WeChat public number: financial plant selection"相关的主题文章: