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Web-Design For any SEO web design company, it is imperative that they stay on top of the SEO trends in website development. It is important for them to offer to their customer the most up-to-date developments in building websites. It is vital that a custom web design company follow new technologies so that their customers" websites continues to grab the search engines attention and stay at the stop of the search engines. A SEO web design company will know that it used to be that reciprocal linking was the way to go when designing and working with websites. The best way to use linking now is to implement one-way links. You want to have the links come from directories that have a high ranking or have the links posted in articles and then make sure that the articles are posted on high quality websites. A custom web design company will be sure that these links send traffic to your website and also include keywords that will be found on your website. Another technology that an SEO web design company needs to be aware of is the mobile web search optimization. There are now over 57 million people that use their cell phones to search the wide world web. It is time to make sure that your web site has a mobile web presence and to make sure that part of your optimization strategies include the mobile phone. A custom web design company will make sure that your site will function on the mobile web as well as make sure that it is also optimized. An SEO web design company should also take a look at some developmental tools such as OpenSocial, HTML 5, block segmentation, and Micro formats. Open Social is a group of APIs the will let the different social media sites offer general login capabilities. The Google Friend Connect widget is an example of this API and is an example of an API that a custom web design company can create. Microformats and block segmentation are a couple of developmental tools that an SEO web design company should look at using for their web development. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: