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Identity-Theft In a state that has a big population like New York, it can pose potential danger to trust anyone especially those you barely know. There is also a big chance that you might be dealing with criminals. The government has a responsibility to protect the state and its citizens and to address the issue, New York Police Records and other Free Public Police Records were made available to the public. This gives the people the apt information that could save their lives. Expunging of criminal records does not apply in New York. There is what is called as sealing of documents. When a judgment of court favors a defendant, the documents are sealed which takes away its availability to the public. Only under unique circumstance where the court orders otherwise can they be accessed again. Police records are part of criminal records and criminal records are open to the public. If proper methods are observed and requirements are complied correctly, only then can a citizen obtain a copy of the documents. People have different reasons for obtaining them such as pre-employment screening, tenant screening, or simply for a background check on a special someone. The datas that you documents reveal are essential to aide you avoid getting caught up in a dangerous situation. The Police Department are obliged to create a police report for instances that requires them to carry out their duties. For instances where no incarceration or detention is necessary, a police report is also created affirming the nature of the incident and the people included in it. Important datas can be found in a police report that includes criminal history information, felonies and misdemeanors, detention and convictions, probation, aliases, former and current address, etc. Physical descriptions are also include in the report like the subjects height, weight, unique body mark/s, age, date of birth and many other useful information. Police records are available at the police department and other government offices but the time it takes to process requests for the documents is lengthy. If you need the documents as soon as possible for legal reasons then it is best to turn to professional record providers online. You can find them over the web but make sure you examine the sites first before choosing a provider because some sites may not suit your search. You can choose between the free-of-charge sites and those fee-based sites. It is wiser to go for fee-based sites because the quality of their service is more complete. Free police records are accessed through various databases linked to government offices and private sites. Knowing the name and location of the search subject will get a search started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: