Next idea Film Festival ended Dong Zijian Chen Sicheng Alan to help out

NEXT IDEA Film Festival ended Dong Zijian Chen Sicheng Alan back Tencent entertainment news (Wen Hu Mengying Li Yang camera) October 29th, 2016 NEXT IDEA and NEXT IDEA Youth Film Festival actor contest finals in Shanghai ended, Tencent youth television talent selection project lasted half a year finally ending, Chen Sicheng, Alan, Dong Zijian as judges. After fierce competition, and ultimately from the Nanjing Arts Institute team work "I love you" to become the biggest winner in the performance category, actor Yang Zhen won the best young actor. Female players were suddenly Pro Dong Zijian accident: there is no pro? Which lasted more than 5 months, the young actor NEXT IDEA competition together happy twist, through professional colleges, the online division winner elected, the drama club oriented haisou multiple channels, screened 5 teams entered the final race. They are from Shanghai Conservatory Of Music, Nanjing Arts Institute and other 5 universities, and ten potential from Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Dance Academy and other colleges are also wonderful performances. The climax scene frequent, which in the show "forced Concerto", an actor suddenly in the curtain call "assault" Pro link heroine, too unexpected, even the actresses are ignorant on the spot. Because faster to borrow or is unable to distinguish real kiss, Dong Zijian asked curiously: "he had to kiss?" This year in the competition on the project bold innovation, players in addition to live performances, the finals of the scene also play each team’s original micro film, a more comprehensive performance of the front line. Comments, Chen Sicheng said: we are in the drama of the pursuit of details, you will have to start from the details." Alan said, "I admire you, I was doing this for no such platform can give me the opportunity to show, sleepwalk into a twist, so I hope that young people just stick to their dreams, refueling, will be successful." After fierce competition, the team from the Nanjing Arts Institute works of "I love you" topped the youth actor contest champion; from Shandong political academy works "? Cry! "From the Communication University of China, Guangzhou Institute of the works of" forced marriage Concerto ", won the runner up and second runner up. By virtue of the fact that I love you as a fool in the corner of the outstanding performance, actor Yang Zhen won 2016 NEXT IDEA Award for best young actor. Unlike in the past, before the finals, the players category for performing this committee has set up a special performance workshop, participants from 5 talent shows itself the finals of the team competition in the 10 actors and potential new players constitute. The workshop instructor lineup is quite strong, including · Italy national actress Maria Grazia · Kuqi Notah, director of the Acting Department; the Shanghai Vancouver film school Micay · Grant, director, happy twist meritorious actor Huang Cailun; "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and "Wen imperial" actor Zhang Xiaolong, head of entertainment chief operating officer Liu Xin nobelium. Three days of training workshops, 5 instructors teach the young actor to develop, from Hollywood.相关的主题文章: