Nissan made a kind of automatic driving chair, so that eating more relaxed

Nissan made an automatic driving chair, make dinner queue easier we have reported that in February this year, Nissan (Nissan) in order to promote the new automatic parking system, as the Inspiration Design Office Chair "automatic parking". Originally scattered in different parts of the chair, as long as the staff heard clapping, will have automatic homing to the table below. Of course, these chairs will not be sold on the market, only to create a fun advertising. Now, Nissan has come to a similar terrier. This time it launched the Chair (self-driving) seat ProPilot, is used in the queue. Each chair is equipped with sensors that can detect and follow the front chair. When the customer is called up to leave, the empty seat automatically returns to the rear of the team. In the queuing process, customers do not need to stand or move, realize the dream of lazy. Nissan spokesman Nicholas Maxfield said that these chairs are used in Nissan Serena (Serena) based on the new SUV on the autopilot technology developed by ProPilot. The car sold in Japan in August, equipped with ProPilot technology is first introduced, which is characterized by the automatic processing system can be obtained by sensor and camera information, can control the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle, indicating complete steering, accelerating and braking operation, only suitable to be applied in the highway. "These chairs are a gentle way for us to introduce this technology to the public." Maxfield said, they also proved to be a good marketing gimmick, "chair can’t realize their own take you directly to the cinema, but it does reflect the good Serena SUV to work." Although it is marketing, but compared with the chair in February, now you can use this. At present, there are 6 ProPilot Chair in the public gallery in Yokohama Nissan put into use. Nissan is also being recruited to the Japanese restaurant, by 2017, it will select some restaurants ProPilot Chair launch test. "Any further decisions will be based on public feedback." Maxfield says. For the new ProPilot technology, Nissan has further plans. Because the system is equipped with Serena, R & D to Japan highway driving conditions, it plans to continue to expand the availability of the technology, for the market in Europe (Qashqai), after the Qashqai also intends to put to the United States and Chinese market. Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Standford", can obtain "Stanford University: 2030 artificial intelligence and life" Report Download link.相关的主题文章: