No new network shadow – college students internship for 4 months to pay 19800 yuan for good work tamiflu

College students 4 months to pay 19800 yuan agreed to work without a shadow – Beijing so practice for 4 months, 19800 yuan fee, through the examination can leave work, a monthly salary of up to 5000 yuan, and in the subsequent 5 years return fee in batches; can’t pass the examination will also recommend in reply the cost of 19800 yuan is a modest price, we will provide the venue, server etc.. The "assurance" commitment, I can only say that the agreement shall prevail, because you are an adult, I trust your judgment so to practice unit charge exorbitant fee "is illegal, charge fee agreement is invalid, students can request a full return to the practice for 4 months, 19800 yuan internship fee, pass the examination will be able to leave work, a monthly salary of up to 5000 yuan, and will be in the next 5 years according to the batch refund fee, not through the examination will also recommend the employment, salary as considerable." At the end of June this year, more than two years work experience of Ronaldinho, through recruitment into the Sichuan Renaissance education technology company (hereinafter referred to as the "Renaissance of science and Technology) practice, although the practice should pay cost is not low, but expect to have a good paying job, or signed the internship agreement. However, the end of his internship failed to pass, the company did not recommend any work to him. There is a similar experience as well as a number of graduates and senior students and more than 20 batches of interns before Ronaldinho, only 3 passed the examination. In addition to one or two people to find their own work, the vast majority of those who did not pass the assessment did not achieve employment. And most of the students are recommended by the company to pay the net loan internship fees, still need to bear the loan. Internship for 4 months internship to pay 19800 yuan fee promised that the work is reading senior yellow in early July of this year into the Renaissance technology Java development practice, according to its introduction, the company has done to the school to preach, "during the interview, the other can have a good job, generally through the 4 months internship can pass check. Undergraduate and pay 5000 yuan of above, college also has 4500 yuan, but also to buy five social insurance and one housing fund." Interview personnel also told him to pay 19800 yuan fee, said the deposit, in case we learn skills from the company." Because of the lack of a capacity to pay, Huang chose company recommended net loan payment. However, when signing the internship agreement, the cost is called the training fee". The agreement also made a special agreement: "after the internship period, Party A will make the corresponding practice examination, if Party B’s working ability to reach the requirements of Party A and Party A is willing to stay in work, Party A will be in batches in full within five years after deducting the return fee pay Party B internship subsidy, the return for a year the return of 20%. After the expiration of the internship, if Party B does not want to stay in the company, Party A will recommend to Party B, until the employment." Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter learned that the revival of science and technology to recruit interns mainly for Java development and Android software engineers. Internship process "0" can also practice the whole process of learning English相关的主题文章: