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North Korea’s nuclear test: the streets of Pyongyang are calm and normal, and people are surprised by the news that North Korea’s television station broadcast the news of a successful nuclear test. Xinhua news agency, Pyongyang, September 9, KCNA reported on 9, the same day North Korea successfully conducted a nuclear test. This is North Korea’s fifth nuclear test since 2006. As of press time reporter, the streets of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea calm, all normal. The day is the national day of the DPRK, the streets of Pyongyang to celebrate the national day hanging slogans and posters, North Koreans have dressed in national costumes took to the streets to celebrate the festival. A large number of soldiers, students, residents and foreign tourists to the statue is located in the Mansudae Hill leader before the flowers. The bronze statue placed in the name of the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun presented baskets. There are not many people in Kim Il-Sung square, no signs of mass rallies. In the morning, before the nuclear test in North Korea officially confirmed, the reporter saw the train station in Pyongyang, located in the square in front of the big screen playing songs, documentaries and movies and other programs, many Korean people watching. At that time, some people near the train station told reporters that they do not know the news of the earthquake or nuclear test. They were surprised to hear that the reporter brought up the nuclear test. KCNA 9 local time, 13 am reported that North Korea the same day successful nuclear warhead explosion test. The report quoted a statement on North Korea’s nuclear weapons, North Korea nuclear test in the field of nuclear warheads to study new power for the purpose of nuclear explosion tests. 9 South Korean military said North Korea the same day morning 5 by "human factors" caused by the earthquake, the earthquake occurred in the North Korea nuclear test site is located near Fenxi, and in January this year, North Korea’s fourth nuclear test sites for the same area. Original title: North Korea once again conducted a nuclear test on the streets of Pyongyang calm normal相关的主题文章: