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Novice parents baby jaundice, do not panic. Sohu maternal and newborn days baby soft, most of the time in bed. Although not you imagine the beautiful and lovely, but there is no sign of the capture of the family’s heart, one to his arrival, become spirited. Cautious you may accidentally discovered a strange phenomenon, the baby’s eyes or facial skin from red to yellow. Do not panic, the baby is most likely to have neonatal jaundice. According to statistics in China about 60% of full-term infants, 80% of premature infants in the first week after birth tend to have varying degrees of jaundice, because of its high incidence, often let novice parents unprepared. Jaundice is divided into two types of features — physiological and pathological jaundice is: most of the baby was born after 2-3 days, 4-5 days is the most serious, full-term infants 7-15 days will subside in general, usually in 3-4 weeks to subside in preterm infants. Jaundice is generally mild, the baby does not have other symptoms of discomfort, so they encountered a similar situation of their own children do not worry too much. Physiological jaundice light pale yellow confined to the face and neck, or spread to the trunk, or sclera yellow, 2 ~ 3 days after fading, to fifth to 6 days. Normal; severe jaundice also had foot throughout the body, vomit and cerebrospinal fluid also stained for up to 1 weeks or more, especially individual sustainable preterm infants to 4 weeks, it is still wearing a yellow urine without fecal bilirubin. The color is light color light jaundice, or darker skin rosy, but reddish yellow. In general, anemia, liver and spleen were not enlarged liver function is normal, not nuclear jaundice. Physiological jaundice in preterm newborns than full-term infants to see, can be slightly delayed 1 to 2 days, the degree of jaundice subsided heavier than later, can be extended to 2~4 weeks. How to correctly understand the baby’s jaundice from the inspection report? The average value of serum bilirubin measured by the baby after birth is more than 34.2 mol L (2mg D1). The serum bilirubin jaundice than the value of less than 205.23 mol L (12mg D1), preterm compared to full-term infants, the peak of up to 17L ~ 205 mol l (10 12mg D1), but not more than 256.5 mol L (15mg D1). (of course, a slight physiological jaundice only need to be measured by the skin of the skin to the baby’s skin, you know, very simple and convenient Physiological jaundice generally do not need special treatment, pay more attention to the baby warm, appropriate early breast feeding, provide enough moisture and heat, early discharge of meconium, reduce bilirubin enterohepatic circulation, can reduce the physiological jaundice. Tips: 1, fried food, wine, spicy food, high fat food, seafood, lamb, coffee. Is to eat. 2, fresh animal liver, fish, lean meat, eggs, vegetables, tofu, bean, chrysanthemum pear, jujube, sesame and sugar are good food ingredients. Physiological jaundice nursing methods – 1: every day ~相关的主题文章: