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On artificial intelligence Baidu, how to better search technology – Sohu Baidu World Conference and G20 summit in the repeated statement, let the world see Robin Li on the "artificial intelligence" determination. For the technical background of science and technology man Robin Li, the next generation of technologies such as artificial intelligence to consolidate the traditional advantages of Baidu and Baidu to create a take-off again, perhaps the most important task in the next few years. Overview of the Baidu World Conference, see the exploration in the AI + "many areas such as unmanned vehicles, such as Baidu, Peru, such as a map of. But the strange thing is that, as Baidu started in the field, on the "Ai + search", does not seem to have too much ink but ah, you know, for me this information thirst with artificial intelligence to help me better access to information, this is Baidu’s most looking forward to the progress of Science and technology! Search engine into the 3 era of the search engine this thing, the old Internet users should have experienced a leap from 1 to 2 times. Speaking of search 1, this honor should be attributed to YAHOO. The oldest category directory search database, there are comments so called YAHOO. This comment is very appropriate, because the year started YAHOO, and now we not use the kind of search engine, but a similar phone thing, will be on the Internet this is not in accordance with the "technology, entertainment and other attributes and all pages are be arranged, with manual editing. Even so simple, but at that time a barren network of the world, is still a great innovation, so the creation of a huge YAHOO empire. But with the rapid development of Internet, the website is more and more and more like YAHOO yellow pages model is clearly difficult to meet the needs of Internet web page index. Thus, the rise of Google, Baidu rise. These are still in use 2 search engines to grab the machine + based on Web search, replace the YAHOO + artificial included the mode of the website based on the user can access useful pages, do not need to enter the site search, and use a similar slow academic cross references to determine the weight of the way, also makes the quality of web pages can be placed in front of more position display. However, with more and more pages on the Internet, so that the 2 forms of search engine will inevitably suffer the problems of "information overload", a large number of pages included often similar or low quality, coupled with the presence of SEO, the search to find the main content is not easy. What’s more, to really make good use of search engines, the use of many CLI style parameters also make it difficult for ordinary people to master. Yes, I am looking forward to the search engine to enter the 3 era as soon as possible, that is, no longer based on the current search to return to the page, but to return the search results of the new search interactive model. Artificial intelligence allows WolframAlpha to go further, in fact, for those who are familiar with the development of search engines, I believe that this trend will not be unfamiliar. Because it does not need the future, but has long been a practitioner wolframalpha.相关的主题文章: