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Pa Pa |NBA strongest table tennis was he dare to try China? _NBA_ sina sports _ Chinese dare to try sina sports news mentioned Darrel Morley, general manager of everyone’s first reaction is that the Houston rockets, some senior fans may be blurted out such as "magic ball theory" or "madman data" such words. The general manager of the graduate in computer science, NBA is the first in the NBA basketball and has nothing to do with the senior management personnel. If he had had any sports related experience, then I am afraid that the table tennis. Morey love table tennis, even at the level below 16 years old group game broke into 32. Although now as the general manager of the NBA, but in the offseason Morey also did not forget to develop their own hobbies. In 2013, when the Rockets renovated the locker room, Morey also did not forget a play influence, in which the acquisition of a piece of table tennis table. It is said that the introduction of new rockets would follow the Morey two measure, this is also the practice with Jeremy Lin morley. Unfortunately, although his brother dressed in yellow skin, but still defeated. The thunder in his spare time also did not forget to learn, sometimes with the Korean occupation player Li Qingqie to learn. During the offseason, Morey will host the annual table tennis Charity Challenge in Las Vegas during the summer league, the contestants will pay $100 as the entry fee, and raise money for a children’s disease research institute. Many of NBA’s staff and even the players will have time. Morey even pocket entry pay for the others. 2014 – Adams Byron – including Steven, Davies and other stars have come to join. Mo total although it looks plump, on the table, and then a bit of fun. That year, Murray in the final beat the Hornets general manager Qiu Ruike was crowned champion of the tournament. His brother is not a joke. In 2015, he was still on twitter for this event to rally. "You don’t forget to play Oh ~ ~" the final 32 people participated in the tournament, including union vice president Mark – Tatum, Geoff – Hornacek, and former runner up rich cho. Unfortunately, in the tournament’s final defeat Morey a staff member of Las Vegas local, can not achieve the defending. He lost the last ball, angry look quite big style". Morey this summer because of work reasons failed to qualify, but the tournament was held as scheduled and summer league together, including the Dennis Schroder hawks and the nets – Hollis – Jefferson Lang Dai et al is scheduled to come. Although the players skill is not good, but they always seem to happiness within. The event has become an annual event in the basketball world. Daryl’s operation ability can be seen in general. The day before the preseason because Morey team came to Chinese, in an interview he also conceal on table tennis like, if you can in the return flight)相关的主题文章: