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Photos: Hibiscus Xi aunt sun Qian pregnant! The gate of the hospital (Wen Xue Tencent transported with joy entertainment GW Sun Qian star map crayon) "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in the hibiscus Xi aunt and the hearts of the people, by the users sought. In August 2013, Sun Qian and Cai Yuanhang’s wedding in Beijing in a five star hotel, the star join congratulations. Over the past three years, sun Qian 2013 and 2014 have been reported the news of pregnancy, but has not ushered in the good news. Yesterday (August 24th), the reporter met at the capital airport sunqian figure, husband Cai Yuanhang also personally pick, two people ride to a private maternity hospital in Lido, three hours after two people in front of the hospital to celebrate suspected Sun Qian, has been pregnant in the body. On the same day, sunqian wearing sunglasses, wearing many women wear radiation-proof clothes out of the airport gate, she was very alert from side view! At this time the sun Qian immediately met her husband Cai Yuanhang hug, two people together ten to go to the airport parking lot. Sun Qian and her husband Cai Yuanhang ride to the city, arrived at the Dashanzi export after he headed to Lido, but quickly to the traffic lights when they entered the rapid U-turn, a famous private maternity hospital. Three hours later, the two men out of the hospital door, and at the door to watch something happy, but also from time to time to laugh. Sun Qian was also excited to pick up the glasses and her husband naughty, but also to take the initiative to embrace her husband suspected of celebration. The move is likely to be really pregnant this time? This is also waiting for sun personally confirmed! 2007, Sun Qian through blind date to know Cai Yuanhang, is the 83 edition of "journey to the west," the role of small and medium sized, the president of a company, vice president of a company, the company’s vice president of the, the. The evening of March 22, 2012, Cai Yuanhang proposed to Sun Qian in Beijing the place under the giant screen. In 2013, Sun Qian and Cai Yuanhang receive a marriage certificate; in August 4th, two people held a wedding in Beijing in a five star hotel, Chun Ni served as moderator, Pu Cunxin served as minister, Lan Tianye, the wife of Feng Yuanzheng, Zheng Xiaolong couple Sun Li, Hu Jun, Zhu Jun, Liang Tian, Li Ai, Li Jing, Ying Zhuang attended, artist Lan Tianye as the bridegroom’s parents to attend.相关的主题文章: