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The police about anti handling telecommunications fraud story: how to run in front of Beijing – fraud in October 21st, to 10:30 in the morning, received the Pengcheng million computer fraud alarm over 15, as the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau – Telecommunications fraud center specialist, his daily work is to report the statistical information, to assist in dealing with the case. On the first day at 10:50 in the morning, Wan Pengcheng took over the case, the victim in the online scan a two-dimensional code, then found himself in the deposit was transferred to alipay. After the alarm, Wan Pengcheng is also very helpless, with current techniques, it is difficult to immediately recover losses, even find the suspect, that money would be wasted. In the morning of 21, received a report from the telecommunications fraud, through the payment of the third party platform, there are up to 13 from 15. Telecommunications fraud transformation and upgrading, combined with precise network of fraud all fraud cases, more than 80% of telecommunications fraud." Wang Fei, deputy director of the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol criminal investigation division, these years, he witnessed with the development of technology, criminals in the continuous transformation and upgrading". In the past, there are more than 40 kinds, now involving various types of telecommunications fraud, all aspects of my personal feelings, can be subdivided into more than 100 kinds." According to Wang Fei’s statistics, last year and the previous year, telecommunications fraud to 20% – 30% growth rate. At the same time, the number of traditional telephone fraud in reducing the number of Internet fraud, Internet and telephone fraud cases are increasing, more than half of all cases of fraud in the network fraud. Different from the past "blind call comfortably, now through the sale of personal information, criminals can be targeted on accurate information, fraud. Suzhou Jiangsu City Public Security Bureau police detachment synthetic Investigation Brigade investigators Du Weibin have the same feeling. A few months ago, he took over the case, the public report said Chen he was posing as an acquaintance cheated 30 thousand yuan. The incident a few days ago, Chen received a text message: "I am xxx (Chen units, acquaintances) my mobile phone number change, this is my new number, please huicun. Please reply." Chen did not doubt, and reply SMS has received. Separated by a period of time, Chen also received this name acquaintances sent a text message, asking for personal affairs. Out of the trust of acquaintances, Chen will be 30 thousand yuan hit the designated account, and then found cheated. "This new type of crime has never been seen before." Du Weibin said criminals through illegal access to other people’s address book information, purchase a large number of bank cards and mobile phone cards, posing as other people to send messages to acquaintances. This new born telecommunications network fraud fraud posing as an acquaintance in the QQ group soon led to dozens of people fooled, cheated amount of about 1200000 yuan. "Often you just buy a car received a tax subsidy fraud information, posing as an acquaintance of fraud call your name, and the use of interpersonal relationship network fraud. The victim wants to distinguish whether the first time telecommunications fraud, very difficult." Need more police collaborative tracing, after the arrest evidence is difficult to Chen Du Weibin’s report, Suzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment immediately initiate an investigation)相关的主题文章: