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Psychology of marriage: Shh! 4 kisses TA sold romance (Figure) shh! 4 kisses TA women love romance betray understanding a man’s past, hope to know more about him, but a man in love, always refuses to talk about his past to his ex girlfriend did not say killed. As a result, the woman made by men around the exhaust all the skills, such as friends or relatives to inquire about his past. In fact, if you want to know the man’s love is not difficult, his kissing will give him to betray. 1, he touched a shy and in love with you for a long time did not dare to take the initiative, for fear that you will resist. Under your temptation, he summoned the courage, close my eyes, for fear that they will fear four eyes relative. When his lips touch your lips, he feels like an electric shock…… You may be angry, that the man is too emotional, and do not know how you feel. But don’t worry, from the way he touched the kiss, enough to prove that he has never kissed a girl, this is his first kiss. 2, crazy kiss he put your hands tight, from the cheek until the neck, he is full of passion, is not a moment to stop. When you enjoy this crazy kissing process, to wonder whether this man is really experienced it? He knows that a woman needs to know that the woman, can feel from the nuance of a woman, and as the next step on the basis of the action. He knew very well that any woman could not resist him in his madness…… Many women care boyfriend had long love affair, think this is man’s performance. In fact, the man’s first girlfriend may not be proud, but as a man’s last girlfriend is proud of. A rich man love, deep know women’s heart. In your love relationship, he will often give you some surprises, making many romantic moments, you only need to enjoy your romantic love, but does not need to teach him as brother, not so hard. Enjoy your kisses! 3, forehead touch dramas or movies are always in such a lens: male and female respectively, the actor always around the heroine, fondly on her forehead India under his kiss; children to sleep, parents will always be in the child’s forehead kiss, gently say goodnight. If he always kisses your forehead, he actively create life, adapt to the environment, have good interpersonal relationship, the wife is extremely gentle and considerate, with fatherly love, do not allow you any harm. Some girls love to find a father complex uncle to take care of yourself, this man is a good choice. From the way the men kissing, you can speculate that his ex girlfriend is certainly an innocent woman, can not tolerate the slightest harm, like a woman waiting for his father’s love, moments with watery eyes looking at him, waiting for his care. With this man, you will find that he will arrange your life in an orderly manner, very appropriate, you do not need to.相关的主题文章: