Samsung will recall 2 million 500 thousand note 7 received a report from the explosion of 35 xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Samsung will recall 2 million 500 thousand Note 7 to 35 explosions report Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on September 2nd evening news, Samsung confirmed the day before, in the event of battery explosion, the company has decided to recall the new generation flagship large screen mobile phone Galaxy Note 7. Galaxy Note 7 listed less than a month, rave reviews. But unexpected is that many users complain about their Galaxy recently, Note 7 battery explosion. Initially, this forced Samsung to postpone the shipment of Galaxy Note 7. Yesterday, Samsung finally confirmed that the recall has been sold Galaxy Note 7 phone, to avoid a greater disaster. Meanwhile, Samsung is also investigating the incident. Samsung also said it has sold 2 million 500 thousand Galaxy Note 7. In the next few weeks, the company will replace these phones for consumers. Samsung also revealed that it has received 35 reports of battery explosion, but the total number of battery explosion is unknown. Samsung said: we recognize that this will bring inconvenience to consumers. However, the move is to ensure that Samsung continues to provide consumers with the highest quality products. We will work closely with partners, the best efforts to facilitate the user to replace the phone." In this regard, some analysts have said that the event occurred at the time of Samsung is really bad. Originally, Samsung will rely on Galaxy Note 7 to promote mobile phone sales in the second half. At the same time, rival Apple Corp will release a new generation of iPhone next week. Samsung said in a statement: "to ensure consumer safety is a top priority of Samsung, we have to stop selling Galaxy Note 7. For consumers who have purchased this phone, in the next few weeks we will voluntarily change for users." (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: