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Won the Santiago Film Festival Awards attention left-behind children – Sohu "entertainment rice apple" poster Sohu entertainment news thirteenth Santiago International Children’s film festival grand opening on August 26th. The festival is screened 160 films from 31 countries. The works brought 8 feature film Chinese movie delegation for the film festival, 1 short, three plays. "The apple of glutinous rice" won the highest award: Jury Award – best film. "Rice apple" is an art film on the theme of left-behind children, the story happened in a village school in Guizhou Province, the instructions of the central open small dining table to the children sent to apple, vitamin supplements, glutinous rice to apple for sister, but Apple was lost……. The film by Beijing Hengyuan film culture media Co. produced, produced by Jia Yuanyuan, Zhang Jinhua Wang Jun, chief producer, director and writer. The Golden Rooster winner Ma Enran, young actor Yu Feifei, Hou Jingying, Liu Zhiyou Co star. The young actor by the Guizhou local children aren’t they every day with the staff to travel over land and water to shoot, injuries are common. The team hard shot in Laoshan, focusing on the reality of human care. By the International Film Awards attention to the left behind children can also be described as a help. "Rice apple" won the Santiago International Children’s Film Festival Special Jury Award for best feature film "award     executive producer (left) Ms. Zhang Jinhua (in) director Mr. Wang Jun (right) total produced by Mr. Jia Yuanyuan       the most important, they are all zero paycheck!! Ma Enran played as President Ma   Liu Zhiyou played as a result of playing,    相关的主题文章: