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SAT out of Curve Wrecker actually rejected American schools really want what students of many Chinese families, this case is undoubtedly unfair: SAT out, GPA3.96 Chinese Super gifted boy, was American schools collective refusal! First look at the boy’s resume: grade SAT:2400 (out) (800Reading, 800Math, 800Writing) SAT II:4, the 800 out of 800 in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology 800, 800 not AP class GPA 3.96 (out of 4) in the school ranked top 5% has completed AP 10 courses, all is 5 points (out) the chemical and physical B, C, C, physical mechanical electromagnetic physics, American history, world history, language, Latin, calculus BC, computer science A is working for another 6 AP courses major awards Intel semi finals; ISTS semi finals; National Youth League Award winners, the Harvard Classics; Yale, Standford University of science and math competition! Extracurricular activities marathon fencing team captain, Captain, chairman of the association of mathematics, Physics Olympiad chairman, chairman, FBLA, President of the association of Latin national honor society vice chairman. Years of summer vacation in the university to do research intern (Intern). Community service founded free tutoring organization; lifeguard; weekly volunteer in nursing homes. This is a super excellent resume, it’s not good enough! However, it is such a student, was actually included in many of the American elite collective refusal! The following schools rejected Yale, Princeton, northwest, Connell, Columbia, Massachusetts, MIT, and the, and so on, and so on, and so on. In the following schools waiting Standford, Duke, Harvard, California Polytechnic, University of Chicago, University of Washington. Why? Analysis: so the perfect resume, no one is not to say, but certainly with no predecessors! And such a perfect resume, failure will fail in the "perfect" two words! As the saying goes: the flowers into the eye, so the real "perfect" is not possible. The so-called "perfect" is actually where it is not beautiful! We come from the egg in the pick bones: in Grade 11, pass 10 AP out of 4 SATII out of the door, how much effort to achieve! However, their child is God of Learning, do not have to pay the extra time, so, go to school every day and school activities (including road time) for at least 9 hours; homework, don’t think, just need time to write computer input for 3 hours; three meals a day, every day on the toilet, a total of 1 hours of sleep; 6 hour; an average of 3 hours a day for a variety of extracurricular activities (7); to participate in various competitions, volunteering, creating business…… That’s a bone of choice相关的主题文章: