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Science | from machine learning system rankings: Computer Science and neuroscience Daniel TOP10- new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan compiled source: Science Author: John Bohannon translator: Ferguson new Zhi Yuan to start a new round of recruitment: COO, executive editor, senior editor, compiler, editor, director, manager, director of consulting and administrative assistant 9 position overall opening. Resume: jobs@aiera HR WeChat: new Zhi Yuan COO and executive editor of the highest salary offer over 1 million; to provide the most complete training system, higher than the industry average wages and bonuses for the backbone of the staff. Join the new wisdom yuan, and artificial intelligence industry leaders to join hands to change the world. [Science11] new Zhi Yuan review reported on 11 may, the academic engine recently launched 10 of the most influential scholars in the academic field of artificial intelligence neural science Alan Institute of artificial intelligence Semantic Scholar search. University College London (UCL) champion, the top three scientists from the University researchers, the top 10 are from Britain and the United States and Canada in three countries. Previously, Semantic Scholar has been ranked in the field of computer science, in the top 10 of the list, Jordan ranked first, Wu Enda, second. (including the list of 50 most influential people in the field of computer science). Jordan evaluation of this system is: circle determines destiny. April 2016, located in Seattle, Alan Institute of artificial intelligence (AI2) named Semantic Scholar program based on 4 million papers in the field of computing, computing the most influential scholars rankings. Among the machine learning field Michael I. Jordan ranked first in 1185, Wu Enda (Andrew Y. Ng) score in the 1125 row in the second, the third is Andrew Zisserman, score of 1089. 4 to 10 are: Christopher D. Mannning, Jitendra Malik, Geoffrey E. Hinton, Scott Shenker, Bernhard Schö, lkopf, Jon M. Kleinberg, Judea Pearl. Semantic Scholar, according to the impact of the list of the top 50 computer science scholars. The calculation index includes a single reference, two references, etc.. Wu Enda’s influence chart to Wu Enda, for example, Semantic Scholar calculated the impact of the five most influential scholars in the past, but also gives the greatest impact of the scholars of the five scholars in the world, the. As can be seen, Geoffery Hinto.相关的主题文章: