See report three venture capital positions continued to increase Chinese intelligence-sunny came home

See report: three venture capital positions continued to increase Chinese intelligence Phoenix Finance China Schindler intelligent (002512) released late August 25th 2016 performance report. Hundred years of life to continue to increase the intelligence of China, as of the current three of its products appear on the list of the top ten tradable shareholders, holding a total of 3.29% shares. This is the life of the third consecutive quarter of overweight Chinese intelligence. At the same time, Great Britain, China Life and other insurance capital, Castrol, ICBC Credit Suisse fund appeared ten tradable shareholders list. The British for new shareholders. Since the fourth quarter of 2015, the Chinese intelligence becomes the subject of the pursuit of venture capital. For three consecutive quarters, several major insurance funds gradually appeared on the list of shareholders. As of June 2016, China’s intelligent net profit rose 117.65%. More stock information, please download the APP login ourkp or every dish, every dish, dish to your leading shares.   every dish, speculation – in the leading stock transaction Kanpan tool, providing news and unexpected stock pool for the first time intraday.       two-dimensional code scanning recognition or APP Store search every dish, every dish on mobile phone.相关的主题文章: