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Seize the mobile medical BAT cloth a "matrix" what? "There are more opportunities where there is BAT DT read the number in figure Wenwang finance finance". Mobile medical BAT is a new field of competition layout in recent years. Around the mobile medical BAT, three companies have similarities in the layout, but also have their own unique art of war". BAT: a promising mobile medical industry is being questioned whether still have investment value judgment bet on three directions, except for the observation from the city scene, the policy side, but also to see if there is a large amount of players willing to enter. Mobile health is a typical example. When many people think that mobile health has entered the capital in the winter when the news came in August 25th last year, Baidu has been involved in the B round lead investor interest in medicine. B+ round of financing, involving an amount of 216 million yuan. After the Wei Zexi incident, Baidu has been in the field of mobile health for a long time no sound. But in fact, in recent years, Baidu has been quietly in the mobile medical layout. The BAT rival "Reunion", finance, electricity, television and other industries "zigzag" like war, has spread to the mobile medical. Just two years ago, with the taxi software you come to me to a different competition, "the glint and flash of cold steel" BAT in the "Paibingbuzhen" stage in mobile health, the three party to the rate of a road "Bing", to compete for dominance in the mobile medical future. Which has its own bodyguard, also has investment to get the "mercenaries", and "like-minded" partners. From the Paibingbuzhen BAT already can be seen in the mobile medical site, online inquiry, pharmaceutical business and smart devices belonging to the "three directions of a hotly contested spot". Said the first online inquiry, it is the earliest mobile medical business entered the practical stage, after years of exploration, has shown a clear pattern, and both the light inquiry and registration, is a good way to import users. So, here are three BAT under the cloth "heavily": Baidu investment, net net interest of medical care, also launched its own thumb doctor, Dr. Baidu, were registered in two business focused inquiry, Ali is arranged; "veteran" against Alipay, put forward the "plan for the future of the hospital, hoping to get through health insurance, pay to solve the most difficult aspect of mobile medical, in addition, Ali has also invested in U U medical medicine, Huakang doctor help three to" escort "; Tencent in here is placed a good doctor online, micro medicine two generals, two online appointment has been established. Look at the smart devices, although not scale, but BAT three has long been frequent bets. Ali teamed up with three veteran medical device companies, Baidu launched its own brand Dulife, Tencent as early as 2014 on the introduction of sugar doctor intelligent blood glucose meter". This part of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier, there should have been a battle, but because the prescription drug policy changes, this business is now basically in the "truce" state. In this theater, Baidu launched its own deployment of drugs directly to the Tencent jointly, Nepstar, Kyushu two traditional pharmaceutical retail and logistics company. Ali not.相关的主题文章: