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Seven types of labor security violations shall be announced to the public, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September, (reporter Xu Bo), the major social security violations of the social announcement approach since the implementation of the 12 from the beginning of January 1, 2017. Ministry of human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor supervision, the relevant responsible person 12, said the seven major violations of labor security should be announced to the public. Including these seven types of violations: (a) deduction, delaying the payment of labor remuneration, a relatively large amount; refused to pay labor remuneration, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility according to law; (two) not to participate in social insurance and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the law, if the circumstances are serious; (three) the violation of work and time rest and leave provisions, if the circumstances are serious; (four) female and juvenile workers in violation of the provisions of special labor protection, if the circumstances are serious; (five) in violation of regulations prohibiting the use of child labour; (six) for labor security violations caused serious adverse social impact; (seven) other serious violations of labor security. To be the public employer, one should be major illegal labor and social security and public in labor protection law-abiding employers credit archives, into the social credit system of human resources and social security; the two is with other departments and social organizations in accordance with the law and regulations to implement the information sharing and joint disciplinary. At present, the administrative department of human resources and social security is gradually perfecting relevant regulations, according to the law to carry out the information sharing and mutual recognition of joint discipline, increase the cost of illegal units.相关的主题文章: