Shaanxi 4 batches of food sampling unqualified colonies and mold

Shaanxi 4 batches of food sampling failed colony and mold exceed the standard in October 6th in Beijing recently, the Shaanxi provincial food and Drug Administration announced the 4 batches of substandard food. Announcements, recently, Shaanxi province food and Drug Administration sampling convenience food, cakes, grain processing products, meat products, edible agricultural products, such as 5 categories of 109 batches of samples, 105 batches of qualified samples, 4 batches of substandard samples. It is understood that the unqualified samples involved in nominal enterprises, products and unqualified index: Xi’an Jianmin Dairy Company Limited in May 7, 2016 the production of Derek card (400g bag) five Ren tea coliform bacteria exceed the standard, Yulin city Yuyang District aunt Food Co., on 18 May 2016, production of [100 g bags (cold)] delicious a hamburger (chicken sandwich) and preservative proportion exceed the standard, Xianyang Xin Qi food limited company in the May 14, 2016 production of heart qi licensing (500g box), heart qi total fungal count exceed the standard colony green bean cake Baoji Qindong, food limited company in the April 1, 2016 production of Qindong card (100g bag) crisp twist (Ma Lawei), the total number of colonies coliform bacteria exceed the standard. Experts said that coliform bacteria may be due to the processing of raw materials, packaging materials contaminated, or in the production process products, tools, appliances and other production equipment, environmental pollution, sterilization process products sterilization is not complete and lead to. Food poisoning caused by excessive consumption of coliform bacteria may cause gastrointestinal infectious diseases. Experts say the total number of colonies is indicative microorganisms, mainly used to evaluate the cleanliness of food. The total number of colonies exceeded the standard, which may be caused by contamination of raw and auxiliary materials or packaging materials, cleaning and disinfection of personnel, equipment and environment, improper control of sanitary conditions during production and processing, improper storage and transportation of products and so on. The main causes of mould over standard may be that the sanitary condition control is not in place in the process of production and production, and the production equipment and other facilities and equipment cleaning and disinfection are not in place or the product storage and transportation condition is improper and so on. According to the provisions of the food safety law of the People’s Republic of China, the food and Drug Administration of Xi’an, Xianyang, Baoji, Yulin and other enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China have ordered the production enterprises to take timely measures such as down shelves, recall and other measures. Shaanxi provincial food and Drug Administration for Baoji, Xianyang, Yulin city food and Drug Administration for nonconforming product operators further investigation, find out the reason and the number of unqualified products, production batches, formulate rectification measures, and to investigate the rectification before November 15, 2016 to the public.

陕西4批次食品抽检不合格 菌落总数和霉菌超标千龙网北京10月6日讯 近日,陕西省食品药品监督管理局公布4批次食品不合格的通告。公告显示,近期,陕西省食品药品监督管理局抽检方便食品、糕点、粮食加工品、肉制品、食用农产品等5类109批次样品,合格样品105批次,不合格样品4批次。据了解,不合格样品所涉及的标称企业、产品和不合格指标为:西安健民乳业有限公司2016年5月7日生产的健民牌(400g 袋)五仁油茶大肠菌群超标,榆林市榆阳区姨家食品有限公司2016年5月18日生产的[100克 袋(冷加工)]美味汉堡面包(鸡肉夹心)防腐剂比例之和超标,咸阳心琪食品有限公司2016年5月14日生产的心琪牌(500g 盒)心琪绿豆糕菌落总数、霉菌计数超标,宝鸡市秦东食品有限公司2016年4月1日生产的秦东牌(100g 袋)酥麻花(麻辣味)菌落总数、大肠菌群超标。专家表示,大肠菌群超标可能由于产品的加工原料、包装材料受污染,或在生产过程中产品受人员、工具器具等生产设备、环境的污染、有灭菌工艺的产品灭菌不彻底而导致。食用大肠菌群严重超标的食物可能引起肠胃感染性疾病。专家称,菌落总数是指示性微生物,主要用来评价食品清洁度。菌落总数超标,可能由于原辅料或包装材料被污染,人员、设备和环境的清洗消毒不到位,生产加工过程中卫生条件控制不到位,产品储运条件不当等原因导致。霉菌超标主要原因可能是产品在生产加工过程中卫生条件控制不到位,生产工器具等设备设施清洗消毒不到位或产品储运条件不当等原因而导致。对上述抽检中发现的不合格产品,企业所在地西安、咸阳、宝鸡、榆林等市食品药品监督管理局正按照《中华人民共和国食品安全法》的规定,责令生产企业及时采取下架、召回等措施。陕西省食品药品监督管理局要求宝鸡、咸阳、榆林等市食品药品监督管理局对不合格产品的生产经营者进一步调查处理,查明生产不合格产品的批次、数量和原因,制定整改措施,并将调查整改情况于2016年11月15日前向社会公布。相关的主题文章: