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The Shanghai Stock Exchange bond deal: Real Estate Company debt shall be the purchase of land in twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned exclusively, in October 28th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued "on the implementation of the real estate industry overcapacity, corporate bonds regulatory classification letter to bond underwriting institutions" (referred to as "regulatory letter" ") that will excess industry corporate bond issuance audit trial classification regulation of the real estate, capacity. Among them, the classification of the real estate industry to take the basis of the scope of the comprehensive index evaluation of the classification of regulatory standards; overcapacity industry classification regulation to take the industrial policy + comprehensive indicators of the classification of regulatory standards. The Shanghai Stock Exchange in the regulatory letter, said real estate, coal and iron and steel enterprises should be reasonable to determine the size of the fund to raise funds, clear the purpose of the use of funds and the duration of disclosure arrangements. Real estate companies to raise funds for corporate bonds shall not be used for the purchase of land, the issuer shall issue a written commitment, regulators will continue to monitor the issuer to fulfill their commitments. Classification of regulatory standards and the original compared to tighten, and almost before rumors. Mainly to encourage state-owned enterprises, the central enterprises, private equity companies can only be the top 100, and the requirements of the ‘King’." Shanghai, a bond underwriter believes. Real estate companies should not be used for the purchase of bonds raised funds. Regulatory letter also requires affordable housing and ordinary commodity housing projects should not be less than the minimum capital ratio of 20%, other items of not less than 25%. The issuer of the real estate enterprise shall disclose the basic situation of the project, the investment situation of the construction, the source of the funds, etc., and calculate the project fund gap and the expected future income of the project. Involved in the project approval, land and environmental protection to the issuer has the right resolution authority or need to report to the relevant competent department for approval or need to sign the agreement, shall be submitted to the issuer has the right to the Department in charge of the corresponding institutions approved by the relevant resolutions and agreements signed, etc.. For Real Estate Company debt, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said the real estate industry to regulate the classification of the basis of the scope of the comprehensive index evaluation of the classification of regulatory standards. Evaluation results will be divided into three categories of real estate enterprises: normal class, attention and risk categories. For the risk category, the Underwriters should be strict risk control measures, prudent to undertake related projects. For the "concern category", issuers and underwriters should be required for further disclosure and verification. Among them, the "basic scope" is the basic conditions for real estate companies to declare corporate bonds should meet. The issuer shall be qualified, the main rating of AA and above, and be able to strictly implement the national real estate industry policy and market regulation policy of real estate enterprises. Including: (1) domestic and overseas listed real estate enterprises; (2) in the real estate industry in the central enterprises; (2) the provincial government (including municipalities), the capital city of sub provincial city and the municipalities of local government owned real estate enterprises; (4) China real estate industry association the top 100 other private real estate enterprises. In addition, encourage and support mainly engaged in the construction of affordable housing in line with the national industrial policy oriented real estate companies through the issuance of corporate bonds for project financing. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstoc] or Phoenix securities;相关的主题文章: