Similar to honey! Fu Yuanhui, the same twin sisters in – Sohu Entertainment sweets parade

Similar to honey! Fu Yuanhui Hui Ruoqi with the box like twin sisters Fu Yuanhui and Hui Ruoqi Fu Yuanhui – Entertainment Sohu and Hui Ruoqi honey Fu and Alan Tam photo Sohu similar Yuanhui entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, in the Olympic star and Yuanhui Fu for 27 days, with the Olympic team to Hongkong to visit the people everywhere attracted a lot of people eager to witness it. Even the Hongkong entertainment industry, "the president" said Alan Tam, also drying out and Fu Yuanhui photo in micro-blog, two people together to put her classic surprise, Alan Tam smiled and said: "the expression of global Chinese infection!" The popular player Sun Yang, Malone, Zhang Jike, and Fu Yuanhui et al., at noon with the team arrived in Hongkong, launched three consecutive days of inbound tour, was once said to hit the face of Fu Yuanhui’s women’s volleyball player Hui Ruoqi, will take the ride time pulled Fu Yuanhui to a "sister of Joseph", said with a smile: "who says I look like a tracing of success," Fu Yuanhui exclaimed, ha ha ha ha two people look wonderful back: "own", and see the photos, two people wearing thick glasses, the similarity was as high as 99%, netizens also surprised back: "even as like as two peas". "President Alan Tam was invited to dinner at noon and afternoon on behalf of the team, he drying out the photo, laughed and said:" this afternoon they had a dinner, so that for decades has never done a fan I changed.. big meal; they are our Chinese pride!" In addition to PO and Fu Yuanhui photo, funny, said he was also infected, then back to the fans: "finally know why you always at the age of 25!" In the afternoon visiting journalists, Fu Garden will play it over his eyes and said "soon be blind", for "the power of the word" burst of red, she smiled back because the moment is really very happy, really used up all the power, don’t even know the word will lead to such a large response to unexpected popularity quite surprised, and thank you for your support.相关的主题文章: