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Ta Kung Pao: the Cai Yingwen administration "to repeat the mistakes of Chen Shuibian Chinese" – Beijing, Beijing, November 11, this year is the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" published on 11 commented that Sun Zhongshan is the compatriots on both sides together to a national hero. Recently, the official and the two sides have held all kinds of folk activities, in honor of the great historical achievements and great thoughts. But the DPP authorities are standing by, as if they had no idea who Sun Zhongshan was. In fact, every year on November 12th is the island of Taiwan, Sun Zhongshan birthday, the day of the holiday. Cai Yingwen authorities tried to dilute the anniversary, once again exposed its "go to China" sinister intentions. Article excerpts are as follows: the DPP knows that the international community generally adhere to the "one China principle", "de jure independence" is based on the space, then another way, on the island of all "to China" and "cultural independence", in an attempt to cut the history of cross connection and national feelings, obstruct reunification. For the first time the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in early 2000 after the Chen Shuibian administration, implement the so-called "name" activities, has put a lot of "China" and "Chinese" word public enterprise name change. For example, the Chinese postal service changed to "Taiwan post", "Taiwan oil China oil Limited by Share Ltd into a Limited by Share Ltd," is changed to "Taiwan airport in Taoyuan International airport". The Chen Shuibian administration also revise history textbooks, the history and the history of Taiwan Chinese completely separated, and the "China", "national", "China" was renamed "Chinese" to "China" and "Taiwan" is "two China". In addition, the Chen Shuibian administration also vigorously "to the sun" and "Jiang", the demolition of some statue of Sun Zhongshan Jiang Jieshi statue. At that time the DPP authorities of this series of "Chinese" and undermine cross-strait relations act in Taiwan society is outrageous, also become the fuse ousted by voters of the party in the 2008 election. However, now the DPP regain "regime", but did not learn the lessons of Chen Shuibian. It is "it is easy to change, Cai Yingwen has hardly change human nature" to "go China brazenly": DPP "legislators" proposal to abolish the suspension of the portrait of Sun Zhongshan Cai Yingwen after he took office; although the Taipei martyrs’ shrine to Sun Zhongshan and the martyrs memorial service personnel killed, but compared with the past when Ma Ying-Jeou took office, the ceremony is quite simple, no incense, no published oration, even cancelled "held a memorial ceremony for Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum" ceremony; the Taiwan authorities to "Independence Day" and "Sun Zhongshan’s birthday" has become "connected on both sides of the historical Festival holiday not only Memorial Day". For the KMT power to modify the course outline "to China" and imperial history words, the DPP came to overthrow this policy, maintain the original "Taiwan independence" platform. All in all, as long as there is a relationship with the mainland, whether it is history, character, values, the Cai Yingwen authorities must be removed. In particular, Sun Zhongshan advocated the establishment of a unified China, but also by the independent faction as the nail. The DPP authorities do not recognize the "92 consensus", and to engage in "came to Chinese deliberately plan", it is still not put)相关的主题文章: