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Home-Improvement Marble is a material which is widely used for counter tops. Marble countertops .e in different colors, surface textures, and design patterns. These countertops last long if maintained properly. Moreover, they are meant to add extra beauty to your home. Here are some tip you can follow to maintain your marble countertops. In order to make the best use of marble counter tops, it is extremely important to clean them on a regular basis. You can use lukewarm water occasionally to clean them and then wipe down the countertop with a clean cloth. For best results, use dishwashing detergent dissolved in water to wash marble counter tops at least once a year. But dont forget to rinse well and wipe dry. Although you maintain your marble countertop regularly, the marble countertop is likely to be.e dull over time. To over.e this, you can use marble polishes sold in the market to polish your marble countertop by yourself. If you dont have time to do this, you can take the services of a professional marble cleaning .pany. Make a note that only marble manufacturers can do the professional polishing. Another way to maintain the beauty of your marble counter tops is to go for periodic resealing once in 2-5 years. Resealing is meant to protect your marble countertops and improve its heat resistant property and stain resistant property. Moreover, it provides a unique glow to your countertop. You can contact your nearest marble countertop manufacturer, if you want to reseal your marble countertop. Many experts suggest using right quality cleaning products to avoid any kind of damage to your marble counter tops . Avoid repeated use of even mild detergent to clean the marble countertop. You can use cleaners especially made for cleaning marbles and avoid citrus cleaners. .mercial marble cleansers and sealers are available in the market which you can use to remove stains from the marble counter tops. You can use ammonia, acetone, peroxide, dishwashing detergent, and .mercial stain remover to remove different types of stains on the marble countertop. It is advisable to make the use of coasters or mats when putting beverages on the marble countertop in order to avoid moisture rings on the countertops. Avoid directly placing hot pans and pots on the marble countertops in order to prevent any damage to the surface of the marble countertop. Over-heated marble surface may form unwanted patterns or scars or burn marks on the surface. Searching for more tips on how to maintain your marble counter tops? Greenlam is the leader in manufacturing high pressure laminates and laminate counter top . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: