Tens of thousands of villagers have long been three times the commitment to move the relocation of t-superrecovery

Dozens of villagers long contaminated three unfulfilled promises to move the high tech District of Weinan City Land Office Yao village dozens of villagers reflect: Weinan high tech Zone to the investment introduction of Weinan hi tech new electronic materials Co., Ltd., the polluting chemical enterprises and the people of the village houses only separated by a wall, and I do not know when the location of the EIA how is the enterprise. Since the enterprise put into operation, to the health of the villagers living in the vicinity caused a certain impact. The village a lot of people showed symptoms of headache, nausea, shortness of breath, throat discomfort, especially women and children is more serious. There are many people suffering from laryngeal cancer, emphysema, lymphoproliferative diseases such as the root of the tongue. They have to reflect the local government and environmental protection departments, has no results, high-tech zone has three times the factory promises to move the surrounding villagers, but has not materialized. Many villagers have housing can not live, only rent or borrow. The day before, the reporters came to the Weinan city high tech Zone Land Office Yao village, under the leadership of the villagers, reporters along the Haitai company walls look, just across the way and some of the villagers housing enterprise, four group level Yao 13 housing after the factory is only 1 meters away from the wall, the five group is more than and 10 households with the villagers adjacent factory. In an interview with reporters, four groups of villagers Yao Zengjia told reporters that his body is very good in the past, since the factory after the completion of a large number of emissions, industrial emissions, pungent smell, the evening did not dare open the window. Some of the villagers there are different degrees of various disease, he was suffering from emphysema for seven years, now failing health, to take medicine every day. As soon as his grandson returned home, he was inflamed and did not dare to live at home. A surname of the villagers said, the factory from the villagers housing too close, some people in the village had to leave the village to live in rent. Because there are more than and 80 year old mother can not walk, can only live in the village. Aiming at the pollution problem of the villagers have repeatedly to the local government and environmental protection departments to reflect, there has been no one tube, CMC three commitment to the relocation of villagers has failed. Now the factory and for the construction of two projects from the housing closer to the villagers. In the interview, Yao village, the villagers to reporters provided them to all levels of government, environmental protection departments to reflect the letter, the villagers and the records of the Weinan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to high-tech zone "on the implementation of high tech Zone Haitai electronic project as soon as possible health protection zone for the relocation of the masses of the letter:" since July this year, the provincial environmental protection department for three times turn to high tech Zone land do Yao village villagers complain, through field investigation and visits to the masses, a project of the company health protection from the relocation of residents, the CMC has in 2007, 2011, 2012 issued three relocation commitment letter, but these are not the implementation of the relocation plan. Weinan Haitai electronic material limited liability company official told reporters that they are high-tech zone construction investment projects, complete the formalities and passed the EIA and environmental protection departments for approval. Enterprises are fine chemical enterprises, of course, there are pollution, chemical companies in the vicinity of varying degrees of pollution. The enterprise emissions of industrial waste gas, waste water, after a rigorous examination, reach the discharge standard, will not cause harm to the surrounding masses, are less likely to lead the villagers to a variety of strange diseases. Villagers and相关的主题文章: