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The Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of public security emergency alert: the two section of the telephone to receive careful Shandong college girls in a telephone fraud cheated light tuition, died of cardiac arrest. 170, section 171 is special section for virtual operators, but because of regulatory measures in place, you can buy without real name registration, have become a hotbed of phone and SMS fraud, let people talk about the color. Above is the fraud SMS original title: Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau urgent reminder: 170, section 171 fraud prone to be careful Chinese news network August 25th according to the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau official WeChat news, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau official WeChat issued an emergency alert, received the 170 and 171 section of code No. two calls have to be careful there are many people cheated! A real case: "you suspected of money laundering in March 10, 2016, Ms. Zhu police said, the day she received a claim to be the City Public Security Bureau police telephone, said she suspected of money laundering, the police will freeze the bank accounts involved, and now she immediately put the money in the account are transferred to the police to provide security account", after the investigation to be clear if no suspects will be refunded money. Ms. Zhu has been transferred to 7 thousand yuan according to their requirements found cheated. The case is under further investigation. Case two: "your credit card is overdrawn" in April 24, 2016, Ms. Chen received a phone call claiming to be a courier, said Ms. Chen fast there is a credit card, the credit card has overdraft consumption, then the other side will call to the City Public Security Bureau, a police officer said it was certain the man said this credit card is Ms. Chen, if you do not pay the money back to bear criminal responsibility, required to pay 10 thousand yuan deposit, Ms. Chen did find cheated. It happens that there is a similar case。 In March 26th, Mr. Huang said that the mobile phone receives an SMS to improve the amount of credit card, enter the information on the link (wap.zgpqe) and fill in the relevant information, improve the credit card limit received a phone call from 1718714XXXX, let the verification code to tell each other, Mr. Huang in the verification code to tell each other, find yourself the credit card was transferred out of 10 thousand yuan. Case three: "your mobile phone number is stolen by June 12, 2016," Ms. Ke police said it received a phone in the other day, she said somewhere in the operating room for a mobile phone number arrears 4 thousand yuan, will now call to the public security bureau. A man claiming to be the man police said someone posing as her ID card information, now the mobile phone number has been suspected of illegal fund-raising, or will be subject to criminal penalties for half a year, then the man claimed to be the investigation of its bank account, Ms. Ke in accordance with the other operation, to 50 thousand yuan transferred to the so-called security account. The results found cheated. Case four: "you have the problem of online shopping, can give you a refund" in January 1, 2016, Ms. ye received a phone call from 1708133xxxx, the other said Ms. ye on the Internet to buy things, now can give her the money back, and by the number of sending her a message with a link, Ms. Ye according to the prompt in the link page on the website to enter the bank card number and verification code, found himself.相关的主题文章: