The dragon baby plan example Niuniu amusement park role – Entertainment Sohu announced e2140

The dragon baby plan example "Niuniu amusement park" role – Entertainment Sohu announced on August 19, 2016, the film "Niuniu amusement park" in Shandong Linyi county up smoothly, current production is being late. This film is mainly about the sudden floods hit villages, single career woman Geng Jichun (Wang Lanzhen ornaments) and took his son back to Niuniu father Ranger old Geng side, together to rebuild their homes. The mountain scenery is beautiful, the difference between city and village to you deeply, and buddy decided together with the construction of recreational facilities, simple facilities built collapsed and collapsed building. All of this, Geng of look in the eyes, to help children realize their dreams, to persuade his boss to invest in the park real estate projects, however, the boss wanted to send the original forest villa development level. Geng sueharu worried, all to stop that happening. This film… Have the honor to receive avenue of the annual six strong, creative musician, singer Zhang, acting as the Taurus father Niu Jiandong. While playing the role is Niuniu star actor Zi, although he is young, his acting and free work pressure at the same time in the crying play other actors; usual hobbies, small host, hip-hop. In addition, the characters of King II is also worth mentioning, the amusement park built entirely for her and the other children in the mountains also have their own amusement park, with King II role is the little girl Shen Bai Joe, nickname duo, beginning in the studio for her acting director has repeatedly criticized the guidance and with the shooting schedule, to understand its role gradually strengthen blossoming. (left: Niu Jiandong, Geng Jichun, Niu left: Wang Dazhuang, Wang Erya, Tian Hehe right: Guo Hanyu) a thought-provoking movie for children, in addition to the role of children of lively, naughty, lovely important, is also inseparable from the role of adult actors such as Wang Erya play against Ma Tian Hehe. By actor Lin Li (Han height 167CM weight 55KG taurus) played, was born in Shandong Weihai she, his personality and character in the play characters, words, heavy affection, straightforward grace. Play the role of King Wang Dazhuang II brother by actor Liu Yanbin (Han height 169cm weight 60KG Aquarius) played the role of daily: funny, Wang strong with a kind of non general feeling shape. As Geng Jichun colleague Guo Hanyu actor Zang Nishang (Manchu height 176CM weight 56KG aries), and I also thought the character bitch with very interesting, although the play is not much, but can reach into the eyes and ears of the effect, the specific circumstances to be after the release of the film, in turn Xiao jie.相关的主题文章: